Through Curious Eyes

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First story:/ so, helpful comments are very much welcome!

Arin sky isn't sure of anything anymore. Things are going by in a haze and her brother Mason, the only person to keep her sane at home has suddenly left. To top everything off, she meets a boy who questions her sanity. Will she pull though withought being sent to the insane assylum?

Submitted: March 26, 2010

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Submitted: March 26, 2010



"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness"
"Today I felt pass over me, a breath of wind from the wings of madness"
~Charles Baudelaire

I sat, knees pulled to my chest with my hair lightly whipping around my face. The rock was hard, and currently recieving little spots of rain. I had come to think of it as MY rock. Nearly everyday I sat by the little white chruch on the hill near my street, making the walk home a little more peacful. The only houses near this hill were scattered and almost always dark. I was usually gladly left alone.

To contemplate, and wonder.

As the bass from my headphones hummed through me, I starred up at the increasing clouds. Today, they looked very ominous, a purple gray. They cast an eerie looked down towards our town and gave the impression that something was on the verge of bursting from them. Irritated, I pulled a rubber band from my wrist and pulled my now messy auburn hair into a pony tale. I was going to catch another cold, but I didn't care. This, was my time to be alone, something I didn't get at school. Or home. I side glanced at the the church, something was different. As I moved my gaze upward to the last colorful window I realized the change. I light was dimly lit, the size of a small lamp making the window brighten it's colors. This was strange, because no one has used this church for over ten years, the first time we lived here.

After a few more moments, the light flickered off, and I returned to my thoughts. Images from earlier today at school replayed in my head. Adam, grinning at me from across the hall and running down to tell me a cheesy joke he heard from Lucas. Emily, giving me a death glare from in between the crowds, and Duncan. As usual just sitting in the back of the class, hood down casting a shadow over his eyes. Not that you could see them anyway, his dark hair always swayed just over them. I'm not sure why he always occupied my thoughts. I was sure I wasn't attracted to him, there was just something about everywhere I went in school I'd see him, and a weird chill would brush over me.

Voices echoed through the wind towards me and I hopped off the rock. I recognized them, and could see them comming up the way I came. I didn't want to converse right now. Frustrated, that my quiet time was inturrupted, I quickly continued my walk home but didn't get far. "Arin, hey!' I groaned and turned around, they had caught up. "hey" I breathed looking up at my brothers old friends Kasey and Danny. Jelousy tinged as I noticed Kasey's hair stood blonde and straight under the rain and she held Danny's hand. I couldn't help that I use to admire Danny when he hung around the house. But I was just Mason's little sister.  "How've you been? it's been forever you look so much older" Danny asked as he whipped rain out of his shaggy brown hair. Kasey smiled politely. I forced one. "Uh, good, you?" I was getting impatient, I just knew they were going to talk about Mason and I was not in the mood. "Great!" he exclaimed smilling. My stomach twisted a little. "How's Mason been?" his smile faltered a little, probably at my expression. "He hasn't really been home" I said almost in a monotone voice, suddenly becomming interested in the fluff on my jacket. "Oh" there was a small awkward silence. "Well I gota get going, you know my mom" I tried to joke. He laughed. "well it wsa nice seeing you again Arin" he said looking at me in the eyes. "I'll see you around." I bit my lip, then turned around to keep walking. I didn't miss that Kasey didn't say one word to me, or the look she gave him before I turned around.

I glanced at the sky one more time before opening the door, and just above the church, lightning flashed and odd color. It seemed to light up all of the clouds, and I watched in amazment as ehy seemed to part right above the little white building and something flashed again. I could see the little lamp from here turn on again. Then, as the clouds seemed to close up, it began to pour. As part of my usual routine I reached around to take my back pack off but swiped air. crap! I can't beliee I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't even notice I had left my backpack on the rock. Annoyed, I ran through the walls of water until, exausted, I reached the rock again. After taking a breath, I grabbed my soaked bag and looked up. Gasping, I dropped my bag into a puddle and gazed at the church. It was emanting a slight...almost unearthly glow that reflected off the rain. I glanced around to see if anyone else was starring at this, maybe Danny, but they must have turned off the other path. Slowly, the light dimmed, then disapeared. I wasn't sure what to make of it. I stood, now completely drenched, starring curiously at the building. I didn't even notice the doors open and close, just the sudden gust of warm air that brought chills up my spine. "Are you alright?" I jumped and flew around. A boy, tall, shirtless, with a small white wrap covering below stood in front of me with perfectly messy golden hair. I couldn't help but stare like and idot. "Hello?" he said leaning in closer, wafting the scent of something magnificent into me. I stepped back, and felt my eyes nearly bulge out of my head. Two, very large unbelievebly gorgeous white wings were sitting graciously on his back. The rain seemed to fall everywhere but on him. "Oh my" I said under my breath. A grin sprouted on his face and for the first timeI looked up at his eyes. They were wide, and a shinning gray blue. They stared down at me with such intensity and emotion it reminded me slightly of a child. The way they look up at you wide eyed and curious, but with a secret hidden. His grin broadend. "What's you name young girl?" his voice was smooth, and gave the impression that he seemed to already know the answer.

A/N: So, this chapter was a tad slow:p but the next chapter will def. be more interesting(: please comment.

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