In the Mirror

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Submitted: December 01, 2015

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Submitted: December 01, 2015



In The Mirror

He reluctantly turned off his alarm clock as it sounded loudly telling him to get up and start another day. Gazing up at the ceiling trying to recall the fogginess of his dreams he was interrupted by his wife. He propped himself up on his elbow gazing into her reflection in the mirror while Amelia brushed her hair at the vanity telling him, “You can’t lie there all day you know”. He smiled and pulled away the covers he had still been under. He walked purposefully while keeping his eyes on her and began to rub her shoulders with his rough hands. She sighed contently and continued to brush her long chestnut hair. “Want to go out tonight for dinner?” he asked still watching her in the reflection. “That sounds lovely dear” she responded with a grin, “the usual place?” “Of course” he replied as he walked away towards the shower to get ready for work. She was still sitting at the vanity and putting on her make up when he came up behind her to give her a slow kiss goodbye on the cheek and headed out the door.

He turned up the radio to try to stay calm during the crowded traffic on his way to work. He hummed the jazzy tunes softly to himself and thought about what kind of flowers he should get Amelia for their date tonight. Once he was at work he asked the receptionist Harriett what her thoughts were on the subject. “Roses are way over rated. I mean, come on guys you can’t think of anything original? Look, if you want to make a girl feel special be spontaneous! You could get her seeds so you can plant flowers together, or take a walk in the park to look at flowers, or I don’t know. You can do better than just buying flowers all the time!” Harriett looked up at him with those big energized eyes and laughed. “Just get daises or something Ben”. With a polite thank you and tip of the hat, he walked into his office to order the flowers. He wasn’t really bothered that much, which was a relief. People always sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong and trying to act like they care when really they just want to gossip to the next person any new news; it made him upset. He constantly checked the clock looking forward to tonight. What would she wear? Probably red. He loved it when Amelia wore red. With pearls. Definitely with pearls he thought as he smiled to himself. The phone jolted him back to the reality of work and he continued with his job. Life went on.

Once the clock struck five he gathered his things and bolted to go get the daisies for Amelia before the flower shop closed. They normally would stay open until 5:30 for him. He bought the daises and headed home. Once he came through the door he set the daisies on the dining room table where he knew Amelia would like them. He came into the bedroom, sat on the bed and loosened his tie. He found her sitting at the vanity reading one of her favorite Jane Austen novels. “Oh she is so clever!” she would tell him as she would look up from her book for the two seconds and then dive back into the alternate reality. She loved to read, that Amelia. He also noticed that she had indeed worn the bright red dress with the perfect pearls around her long neck. He looked into those deep blue eyes and knew there was nothing in this world that he loved more than her. She was his other half.

All the sudden there was a knock on door. He sighed as he looked through the peep hole to find out it was his sister Caroline. He opened the door and she immediately hugged him and gave him a happy greeting. “Ben! How are you doing?” she said as she sat herself down on the couch in the front sitting room. “I’m doing great Caroline; you really don’t have to be checking in on me all the time.” “I know, I just miss you, you know. You’re all alone here at night. I doubt you ever go out with Jake anymore.” “Can we not talk about this?” “Ben, I love you and I just want to help. Let’s go out to dance or something, you loved dancing!” “I loved dancing with Amelia, Caroline.” Caroline looked defeated and knew her brother needed help but she didn’t know what to do anymore. “Ben, you have to let her go.” After a long silence he sighed and whispered, “I know” as he looked over his shoulder at the mirror hanging on the wall seeing Amelia with a small smile and those deep blue eyes.


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