The four Words

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Will Odette say yes?

Submitted: December 02, 2015

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Submitted: December 02, 2015



~~The Four Words
 The heel of Derek’s foot rose up and down at a fast pace, the pads of his fingers rubbed together at a constant rate, and his eyes looked towards the door at small intervals of time. Odette’s father Hank walked into the restaurant; Derek gave a small wave and a smile. As Hank narrowed the distance between them, Derek stood and then gave Hank a firm handshake. How was he going to ask? Does he already know? There is no way he doesn’t know. They had the typical “how are you” conversation and talked about the menu until the server took their order. It seemed like the air got heavier and hotter as Derek knew what was coming.
 “So, Derek, I don’t think we’ve ever had dinner without Odette’s presence; any reason for tonight?” Hank was grinning as if to torture Derek. “Well, I really love your daughter, and we have been together for two years now and I think it’s time we settled down and I know her and that it would mean a lot if she knew I had your blessing.” Hank was smiling with his arms crossed the whole time Derek was babbling. “Well I really appreciate you going through all this, heaven knows I remember having to ask Lucy’s father for permission. I was so nervous I almost didn’t show up.” Derek felt like he could breathe again and let out a chuckle along with Hank. “I know how much you two love each other and I know the kind of man you are Derek. I think you are who Odette needs and you two will have a great life together.” “Thanks a lot Hank,” Derek said as he smiled and felt his heart lift. Odette was spending time with her sister. Of course Derek had planned that. He wasn’t much of a planner but this was important to him.
 That night Derek tried to keep calm to not give anything away. Odette knew him so well he wondered if maybe he was trying too hard. They have been dating for two years now. It took her a while to finally go out with him but she eventually gave in to him. She had been through some heart ache and was scared but he helped her and showed her what true love could be like. That’s who she was, his true love. He wanted to ask her in a way that showed how the rest of their lives were going to be. While she was asleep he slipped the diamond on the slim finger of her soft left hand. Derek smiled as he looked at Odette’s sweet face with her dark hair fallen around her.  He loved how it looked on her. This was how it was going to be til death do they part.
 Derek was restless all night looking forward to when Odette would wake up. He heard her grumble and propped himself up with his elbow on the bed. She stretched and opened her eyes to see him smiling. “You shouldn’t be grinning at me like that unless you want to start something,” Odette said with butterflies in her stomach. “I do actually.” And that’s when she saw it. Her playful beautiful smile fell flat and her eyes were magnified. Derek realized she was speechless so he took her hands in his and was the first to speak. “I love you so much Odette and I want every morning to be like this, waking up to your beautiful smile and spending our days together. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Odette, will you marry me?” Words could not explain how happy he was feeling. “I..oh…Derek…” “Do you like it?” Odette looked up at him for the first time after seeing the ring and Derek’s happiness started to fade away. “I just…I can’t.”

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