How Do We Deal

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I actually sat down and watch the news one night. Everything I saw was about someone getting shot, or some natural disaster, or other bad news. It got me thinking with everything going on, how do people get up and face every day.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




“How Do We Deal”


With all the crap,

In the world today.

How is a person,

To get away?

It seems everyday,

More bad than good.

Another person died,

Out in the hood.

A house burned down,

Right next door.

Another marriage broke up,

"She was such a bore".

We do our best,

To let it fly by.

To drift off away,

Out into the sky.

But it keeps coming,

Pilling it all on.

Until one day,

Our lives are gone.

Replaced with sadness,

And full of despair.

Left looking for an answer,

But we're not sure where.

How do we combat,

The day to day life?

How Do we comfort,

Our kids, husband, or wife?

Do we lie and say,

"It'll all be OK.

Not to worry,

It’ll be better someday".

Or do we tell the truth,

That life is hard.

And we're not sure how,

To play the card.

We do what we can,

And hope for the best.

And never give up,

Just take a short rest.

Things will work out,

In their own due time.

Even thought it feels like,

You were left behind.

There's a bigger plan,

Is what they all say.

And that's what helps us,

Get through the day.

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