Keep On Fighting 10/25/11

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I wrote this actually flying back from Louisville a few days ago. I've been trying to figure out a path I should follow with my life. I've been listening to alot of people but I can tell not all of them have MY best interests in mind. This is what came from it.

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011




“Keep On Fighting”


How would you feel,

If there was no tomorrow?

Would you be content,

Or filled with sorrow?

Were thoughts left unsaid,

And things left undone.

Did you try your best,

And well you be missed by someone?

One never knows,

When our number will be called.

We could die tonight,

Or grow old and bald.

So live each day,

Like it’s something to lose.

And count that hard times,

As paying your dues.

Cause in this world,

Nothing comes free.

And I feel that’s,

The way it should be.

Anything worth a damn,

You gonna have to fight for.

And push comes to shove,

You might have to die for.

That’s how you tell,

What to believe in.

And fightin’s the only way,

Your ever gonna win.

Bust some knuckles,

And get a few scars.

Put your feet on the ground,

But keep reaching for the starts.

Lower your head,

And keep fightin through.

Cause the fate of your life,

Depends solely on you.

This life is yours,

And yours alone.

And people will try,

To tell you you’re wrong.

But there’s no way in hell,

They know what’s right.

Are they in your head,

When you lay down at night?

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