Paving My Way

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Most of my writing comes from things that are going on with me personally. Other times something just hits me. I hear a song lyric or a line in a movie and it gets me things. Sometimes they are a combination of both. It's kinda funny how you can start writing with an idea in mind and once it gets to paper, it takes on a mind of it's own.

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011




Paving My Way



So many thoughts,

Stuck in my head.

They all bounce around,

As I lay here in bed.

Once a place,

Of peaceful bliss.

It’s one of the small things,

That I miss.

As I toss and turn,

And try to sleep.

These feelings I have,

Start to creep.

From up in my mind,

To down in my soul.

And I do my best,

Not to let it show.

But I feel like I’m crazy,

To feel like I do.

But I know deep inside,

That’s not true.

A person can’t change,

What they feel is right.

And it’s that fact,

That lets me sleep at night.

And knowing that tomorrow,

Is a brand new day.

And only I,

Can pave my way.

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