What Is Love (Written in mid 2000's)

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It may sound like I'm jaded in this poem, but that's not how I meant for it to come across. It actually is a love poem. It was written show that it's an easy thing to say, but I harder thing to show.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




“What Is Love”


I don’t believe in love,

And I’ll tell you why.

‘Cause people say I love you,

And then say goodbye.

They say it like they mean it,

And at the time they do.

But love isn’t what you say,

It’s more about what you do.

It’s a quick little call,

Just to say hi.

It’s crying like a baby,

Every time you say goodbye.

It’s wanting them,

To never know pain.

But knowing that without it,

They will never gain.

You can love many things,

In many different ways.

You can love certain people,

You meet throughout the day.

It doesn’t mean,

All love is the same.

It just gets called,

By the same name.

If you love someone,

It doesn’t have to be said,

Both of you know it,

When you lay down to bed.

When someone loves you,

You feel it inside.

It’s a feeling so strong,

That it can’t hide.

There’ll be no doubt,

If you are honest with yourself.

But you have to put,

Your own emotions on the shelf.

Take a step back,

Take a moment to breathe,

Look at the situation,

And find out what you see.

If you take your time,

And don’t try to force,

You’ll find out if love,

Is coming from a source.

So the next time someone says,

I love you,

See if they back it up,

With the things they do.

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