Don't Get Me Started on Being A Girl.

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Well its an essay i wrote in school about what i hate. it basically just moaning about how hard it is to be a girl.
Its uses hummor.

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




Don’t Get Me Started on Being a Girl


You alarm clock shoots through your ears, with the brashest ring tone you got on your phone as you wouldn’t be able to get up on any other one. You put it on snooze for ten minutes and stay in your comfy bed until your second bell goes, just like in school. You leave the song playing all over and over again, while you go and have a nice shower when being half asleep. You get out of the shower and you realise that you got only 45 minutes left to do your hair and makeup before leaving for school. After 50 minutes with your hair half-done you run down stairs to check if you got everything you need for school in your bag. You grab your bag and without turning the lights of in the corridors, you run to the bus stop to catch the bus.

 You come to the bus stop and the bus just drives pass you. After all the talking and drama you do in the bus stop because of the missed bus you decide to walk and text your mum that you might be late for school because you missed the bus. (Just in case you get a detention). A quite good start of the day for a girl and I’m being honest, sometimes it’s worse than this.

When boys, get up, have a shower, gel their hair and without checking their bag, go to the bus stop ON TIME!

After School you’re probably exhausted, but you still get to go and pick your younger sibling, because you’re mum trust you and know that you won’t lose them in a park when you’re with your mates.

While boys get to go home and watch TVbecause theirparents know that they will lose theiryounger sibling near the school gate.

 So why do girls have to get up one hour earlier or pick up theiryounger siblings after school?

Why a boy can’t go to shops when your parentasks you to buy something? *Laughs* their probably scared that a pretty girl or one of their friends will see them with two bags in their hands from ‘Tesco’ or ‘Iceland’.
Us girls, we always try to look pretty before leaving for school or when going out. We put half of the make up shop on our faces and put half of the bottle of hair spray on our hair just to get attention. Of course some of the boys wake up 5minutes earlier to gel they’re hair but that’s about it.

Most of the girls like boy’s attention when they say ‘oh your hair looks nice’ and inside your head your thinking ‘I wake up one hour earlier just for you to say that’.

I bet every girl would want to see a boy having a period or giving birth. To be honest I wouldn’t, it sounds really discussing and painful, but I guess us girls are used to it. Why is it that if we tell someone we kissed a boy when we’re not in the relationship with him we get called names and when a boy says it he gets all the good words?

Every and I mean every single boy probably think they’re stronger than us girls, but that’s not true. They don’t have to get up an hour earlier just to look handsome and pretty, they don’t have to pick up they’re little ones from school like we do. They don’t go shopping thinking that they need to buy them things that would give them more attention. They don’t go through period pains every single month for 5 to 8 days like we do, finally they DON’T give birth!

 Sometimes I really think boys are unproblematic human being who sits on the sofa and watch’s TV all day. All they care about is sleep, food and friends and I am being honest here as I have a younger brother and an older cousin. They don’t care what we girls think about them as they think they are bigger than any of us and I’ma tell you - their wrong!

Why do we go through so much and they do nothing?

To be honest I would rather live in like some Elizabethan times, where men had to do everything and where in charge of everything. It isn’t fair. Even at home they eat and you would ask them to wash their plate so instead they would go to the kitchen and put it on the table! So us women just end up going to the kitchen moaning to our self-washing up the plates. The worst thing is we don’t even say anything to them... we just sit there talking to yourself cause even if you are saying something to them or about them, they would just ignore you like any other guy.
No boy can tell you that you are weak if he hasn’t read all of this!

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