I belong.

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An old man, kicked from his own home finally finds a place where he will belong.

Submitted: December 01, 2013

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Submitted: December 01, 2013



Closing his eyes, he leaned against the seat of the bus and tried to block the noisy traffic surrounding him. He was tired. It could be seen from the lines etched on his face. He was tired but the kind of tired where he wanted to give up. Give up on his soul and slowly drift away into oblivion. He felt the wetness on his cheeks and the realisation set in that he was crying. Sniffing softly, he brushed away his tears not wanting anybody to pity the old wrinkled man wuth torn clothes and a bruised back. A deep heaviness resided in his chest and he gripped his chest in futile efforts to ease the ache there. But how could it end? When it had such a firm grip on him? This morning he had a family. He belonged. And now? He was just another homeless person kicked out from his own house. Just another crestfallen father beaten up by his own kids. He tried to stifle the sobs and the anguished moans buried deep inside of him. But he was losing to the. Losing like he always had, Losing from his sons when they kicked him from his own home. Losing from fate when it took Jameela, his wife from his life. Unable to control the sobs he took his wrist into his mouth and started to bite on it. Biting hard to suppress his cries. Where had he gone wrong? Why was God punishing him in this way? Did he truly deserve this? He remembered his son's accusations. Adil's voice, was clearly etched into his mind. How he had screamed at him to leave them all. Calling him a burden. Hitting him for being worthless. His grandson spitting on him. Calling him an ugly old man. He wanted to give up now. On his life. He had nothing to hold onto now. Slowly he got up and with hunched shoulders started to walk. He knew what he was doing wasn't right by any means. But he couldn't take it anymore. What he wanted was to belong. With that gone, he had nothing to do anymore. Nothing worth living anymore. Moving towards the street and he saw brief flashes of speeding cars going. Closing his eyes he started to walk towards them. Walk towards the fate that awaited him. Finally at peace, he smiled and walked.

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