simultaneous dead guy

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Patrick Quinn died but was seen on his faveorite bench

Submitted: October 23, 2008

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Submitted: October 23, 2008



Old Quinnie,as his aquaintences called him,should not have made his way to the Irish Bakery,here in the afforementioned ghetto.For he was diabetic and on insulin,3 times a day.{said with a brogue from way up north,in gaelic even],3 times aday.He wasn't old by any means.But wise looking.Looking mind you,the goodies are loaded with sugar,so only looking,not actually.Anyway,he knew aday before the good Lord came,he was goin,Iswear,by his banter of coulda woulda shoulda at the barber shop.They cremated him but waked him first,fresh cut an'all,youngish Quinn.But,that isn't the story.The story puts him on tv,on his faveorite bench,leaning on his cane,2 doors from the bakery,a full week postmortum.A special goodbye to a Globe reporter retireing found him alive and well in the tube,but dead and gone and ashes back home.So to all his buddies,a fond goodbye and a wish answered,to see Quinny holding court on the bench,sun shinin on him,one last time.

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