romanticizing the past

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Submitted: March 13, 2012

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Submitted: March 13, 2012



while at work, droning through the 9 to 5,

or the 10-12 hour beat down for us unlucky saps

the jaws of the shark come crushing down

bringing waves of pain through remembrance

a place in the past that provides a better feeling

than the current predicament &

so many questions arise, like putting oneself on trial,

where the “who, where, how & why” end up fizzled


the overall “what” that happened---

here is the warmth of the moments that will not leave,

that one wishes never to erase, all jumbled up in a


conglomerate with those that could be gotten rid of---

or is it that we romanticize the past?

might it be true that the “best of times” which we

dwell in,

wading round with, as if in a luxurious jacuzzi,

were in fact not as perfect as we pretend that they

were &

since there are no witnesses present to corroborate

this new line of

questioning, there is no new evidence to submit---

it is still all hearsay & yet the indictment should be


the self looks around at what it truly has become,

regardless of

what it thinks happened in the past &

if it is honest with itself, the self wants to press


yes, this criminal, who with sinister shifty eyes walks

amongst the

many quarrelling selves within,

has no morals,

has no objective &

seeks only to create fantasy---a fantasy which can

prove to be quite


given the right extension of time, where the memories

that one

believes they have, finally take over---

people clench onto piles of pictures full of groups of

people that they will

never see again &

they spend all day on facebook, singles sites & social

forums online,

chatting to those that they will never meet,

walking a tightrope between what is supposed to be

memory &

what is supposed to be a foundation of present


coming up completely empty on both accounts,

wishing for a day when things were better &

imagining that they had been, for a place to compare

the now,

in which they perpetually wallow---

so what is more frightening?

to believe that things were better in the past & to

dwell on them until your mind explodes, because you

know you can never go back in time to stay there,

or to believe that things really weren’t that great in the

past as you had once thought,

therefore understanding that they never really have


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