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this is a fantasy story ,it teaches one to believe in it

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012







  To be frank , I am a young boy whom loves fantasy stories and truly believe in it . it actually happened to me since I love to explore the unexplored . do u ever wondered how does an animal discribe us ? are we aliens?the answer is humans are aliens . the creature that humans know is animals and plants . wherelse , the other part of the world is also filled with different creatures . for an example,as everyone is aware that a part in canada is just floating in the air . based on scientists report , it says that gravitional force is week in that particular area . why cant that similar thing happen in a fantasy world. The story of mine begins here , one night ,I was mumbling while asleep . my young brother brother noted what I had mumbled and woke me up in a rush or perhaps in a worry . it was irritating but then I woke up and asked why ? he told me that I was mumbling about a man hole. What man hole ? I asked . I was  in detail to know about it . the night passed and everything seem to be normal . that evening , my mum told me to pluck some apples from our apple tree at the backyard . while I was walking I had some instings telling me to not pluck the apples. I ignored and plucked  the fruits since my mum asked to do so. After plucking the last apple  I saw a ferocious looking frog and it was not more to a frog but it had legs and hands like humans . I was speeachless for a moment ,then I ran following this creature . runing ,runing and runing,finally it stopped and gave a look with  a gratefull smile . I nodded  and the next second,it went missing . at night I did some research and it says that there a some goblins that still does not extinct yet .  this time it really bothered me, so  the next day I went to the same place hoping to meet this little goblin . the goblins presence made my day a question mark . a night after a couple of daysthis goblin approached me at the window and tried to call me out . I manage to sneak out from the house and followed the lead of this goblin . it introduced itself and the name was totally different ,GB . GB was running on the air while I was runing normally, he was mentioning  that I am a ,hero. What? I was thinking is my decision right . suddenly ,while running we were gaining our speed faster than a race car and entered the WORLD OF GOBLINS where  goblins are all over the island  . I was shocked,speechless,worried and also scared after looking an island which is full of unexpected scenary. Honestly , the island seem to be so beautiful.the wind was like to be seen , the clouds was too low and the sea was crystal clear till the shells could be seen . as I was walking ,GB introduced to them about me . some were deadly scary but the rest was cute and bulgy. I was brought to a man ,he was a human like me . He must be more than 70 years old . he looked at me and asked me to go on a mission . I was wondering ,why me? The old man could read my hard and he answered me because I have a will to complete a mission . I nodded . the old man named arthur lead me to a tree where a book of this island wrote by him was in the tree hole . he gave the book and said  your journey starts here my son .  I  was motivated to go on a mission . arthur asked me to find a magical potion at the cave of bats,which is located far away from the island . this magical potion can help the goblins to be invisable,so they can be safe and stay with the humans at the actual world . At first I thought its easy but later on arthur told me its not that easy to enter the cave of bats . My journey starts here , after passing the mountains , woods and streams I end up with my first obstacle which is the deadly giant ants . this ants actual size are small,but in this world they seem to be giant . I was soo much attractive for the ants . I felt my heart limped to my throat . I ran away from the ants but they manage to chase me because they had giant legs , in a blink of an eye the giant red ants stoped and  moved away from me . they looked soo scared  and frightened , I wondered why are they suddenly afraid of me . A big shadow was covering me till I was afraid to look back . the giant lizard at the back of me gave a strange sound and made me more nervous but the lizard seem to be helpful and it went back to the thick jungle . I continued my journey till I saw a giant bird nest . the animals and creature seem to be giant in this fantasy world , actually they are small and tiny in the actual world . the nest was made of trees and it was as big as a football  field . I walked on the eggs and finally mat another shockwave which is the giant eagle . it flew around its nest and tried to make me as its prey . I manage to ran away from it and fell down a water fall . thank god , I know how to swim . I swam to the shore and took a deep breath . I was exreamly wet and shivering because the water was freezing cold . I was sitting with a camp fire and making my self warm . after a  few hours I got up and followed the map to the cave . on the way to the cave , I was having a feeling of guilt because I did not inform my family that I was on a mission , I was worried and sad that I could not get home . that night , I sleept on a giant leaf  feeling very comfortable . the second day of the journey , I woke up and  searched for something to eat sine my stomach was grumbling . after eating some big apples ,I had my stomach full . far away , I saw a big cave and it was the cave that I should go . I quickly ran and stood infront of the cave . nothing  came across but there was a big lake to cross . I sat down and thought of swimming but something sprinkled to my mind . I tried to put a log on the water and reach the other side by floating on the log but after thinking , immediately a giant electric eel came to the shore and gave a strike of electric and went back . it was really shocking . while I was sitting ,I suddenly knocked my legs to a treasure box , I did not realise that I was actually sitting on a treasure box . after taking a look in the box , I saw a marine suit and a book in brown . I opened the book and it says that there is a giant submarine under the lake . to get on the submarine I should wear on the marine suit and avoid the electric eel to strike me . there was also a hint saying that the electric eel goes away at night and comes back in the morning  . I took this advantage and wait for the day to be night . at night I jumped in the gloomy and  quiet lake and in the lake , the  water was bright enough for me to reach the submarine . the submarines shape was dynamic . I started the submarines engine and went to the other side of the lake . after  a few hours , I reached the other side of the lake and finally saw the magical potion that arthur described to me . unfortunately , there was a number of bats surrounding the potion . to reach the magical potion , I had to cross over the bats in order to reach home. I guess . I walked pin drop silence with my tip toes . it was scary,but I had to do it . after crossing the the bats I got the potion in my palm and suddenly a man hole appeared in front of me with a tornado like wind . I quickly jumped in th man hole because the bats got up and gave a vampire sound . after entering the hole , I finally reached at the castle wher arthur and the goblins were . I was welcomed very gratefully and arthur hugged me and said well done my son . I was happy for them and excited to reach home . arthur brought me to another man hole and told me to enter the hole in order to reach home . I said thanks and jumped in the man hole . from the house backyard I ran quickly to my house . when I entered in ,my mum from the kitchen asked me what took me soo long to pluck the apples . it seem to be soo awkward but I kept on going with my real life in the actuall world . this was an adventures journey which motivates me to go on another adventure . the main reason I was on this mission is to believe the unbelievable and explore the unexplored .  

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