A Nightingale in a Golden Cage

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i went through a stage of writing from song inspirations. this one is Nightingale by Nightwish. sorry again about the format.

Submitted: August 23, 2010

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Submitted: August 23, 2010



A nightingale in a golden cage, Thats me locked inside reality's maze

I run as fast as i can. I hit a hard, unforgiving wall and bounce off in another direction. Another direction, another dead end.

I stop, despair filling my stomache with a heavy weight. Dammit. I glare at the wall as if I could burn a hole in it. I turn around and run once more, back the way i came.

I run on and on, endless corridors and walls barring my way. My breath is short; im wheezing and panting. Dammit. Where am i? Have i been here before? I swear i recognize this place, don't i? Have i taken this turn before? Every choice i make, i second guess.

Finally i stop to catch my breath, sweat drips into my eyes and down my back. I flick my long hair behind me and look up from where i am stooped. There! I see it. The nightingale in the golden cage. All I had to do was free the nightingale and then i too would be free, my long desperate search was finally at an end. 10 steps to go. 8, 5. I stop. The nightingale looks me straight in the eye, its eyes pleading for help. I take a step forward.

Black darkness. I cant see anything, i cant smell anything. I have a faint sense of falling.

The only and last thing i ever hear is the mournful cry of a caged nightingale

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