The Face of British Racism

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Nick Griffin; leader of the British Nationalist Party, a racist party. Nick Griffin has established himself as the face of British racism, read on to discover why.

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Submitted: July 13, 2011



The face of British Racism

Article on Nick Griffin, the face of British racism.

Nick Griffin is the leader of the British Nationalist Party, and a racist. However he tries to hide it by saying is he just “pro-white”. But in my experience with racists and sick groups like the BNP and Neo-Nazis “pro-white” usually means “anti-black”, of course they have to say “pro-white” because they’d be in a lot of trouble for saying anything openly racist. They used to have a rule on not allowing black people into the party, they don’t have that rule anymore obviously but I doubt any people of non-white ethnicity would join anyway.

This year there was an anti-racism meeting in England, to which members of the BNP showed up and hurled stones and broken glass at those campaigning against racism. Some party members have even taken to their Facebook account to post messages such as “Stamp out diseases today. Spray pakis and poofs with hydrochloric acid” and “they (Muslims) should all be burned”. A man in Wales even burned a Qur’an in his garden. These kinds of people and opinions are the kind which causes trouble, and a lot of it. These kinds of opinions are passed down to children, and then to their children. Nick Griffin shares the views of discriminating black people; in 1998 he was charged and given a suspended sentence for ‘publishing or distributing racially inflammatory written material’. He has even been rightly labelled a “holocaust denier” because he said “I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat.” And “this bloodyJew... whose only claim is that his grandparents died in the Holocaust" He also names the holocaust, one of the worst things to happen in human history, where millions were slaughtered and forced to work, a “holohoax”.

It is stupid of him to say he isn’t a racist when we all (except BNP members) know he is. He may as well have “Hail Hitler on his forehead”. On 14 December 2004, he was arrested at his home in Wales, on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred, over remarks he made about Islam in an undercover BBC documentary titledThe Secret Agent. Of course, Nick Griffin has the right to his freedom of speech, as does his party and its members, but to be honest some things are downright wrong to say. I myself stand for free speech and opinions very firmly, but find it sick and disgusting when an individual denies that the holocaust happened, jokes about it, discriminates black people, hands out flyers of racial hate and attack homosexuals. Sometimes I think free speech should be thrown out the window if someone is going to say these things, Griffin could say “If I can’t speak out my opinions on black people or gays, then what right should you have to speak against my opinions?”, well I’ll tell you. My own opinions and those of others are not sick, they’re not immoral, is it sick of us to say we think racism and homophobia is wrong? I think not. Racism has been with us for so long and it’s time for it go. It’s also time for Nick Griffin and the BNP to go.

So we’ve concluded that he’s an anti-Semite, homophobe, Islamaphobe, holocaust denier and racist among things. And I’m also going to add another disturbing fact about this sick man; he has children, four children who are active members of the British Nationalist Party. His children have been brought up to think that this kind of attitude towards our brothers and sisters is right, that discrimination is right. You know, it’s very likely that mankind has come from Africa, it’s almost certain that we are all from Africa. Now quick, someone tell Nick Griffin.

I’m personally going to continue my campaign against Griffin and his party. I hope you’ll all join me, but let’s not stick shit through his door, let’s just join everyone else who is campaigning.


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