Bare Souls

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts
Kicked out of a halloween party, Linn and Jenette are left to explore a gas station that is said to have a killer who hides bodies in a basement.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



“BOO,” Yelled Linn who also made a funny face to annoy me.

“Quit it, I’m sorry I believe in spirits and you don’t!” I told her. Every year halloween comes by me and Linn go trick or treating. We compete every year to see who can get the most ridiculous costume. I’m a car freshener and she’s a poop emoji symbol this year. Every year it’s a perpetual win for her. If we had to put our sense of  humor on a chart her’s would be off it. We are opposites because she’s  goofy and creative while, I’m logicly and serious. We still somehow manage to stick together no matter how much we’ve grown apart.

“Aww did you poop your pants well we don’t need more of me!” Linn snickered. Her jokes let’s say we're bad. They were cheesy or boring but she still can draw like Da Vinci while I can’t seem to draw a stickman. One thing that set us off where beliefs. Linn was more religious and was a christian who thought ghost’s where just a scam while I believed they were out their. She makes fun off me by doing horrible jokes. Sometimes she get on my nerves and sometimes she can always be there for me.

“That’s true we only need one Linn or this world would be a nightmare.” I explained.

“Are we trick or treating or -”

“What or? Why would we break our eight year tradition?”

“Let me finish! We could go to Mirabella's Halloween party!” I felt my throat dry up. Go to my arch nemesis’s party. Me and Mirabella always go against each other, like the spelling bee, outstanding achievement award, and tennis state championship. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not an introvert but Mirabella’s party? I’d rather squeeze lemon juice into my eye sockets and add a pinch of salt. She is the perfect perspective of a rich brat.

“We didn’t get invited,” I told Linn.

“No you didn’t Jenette, but I did,” Linn’s pull’s a invite out of her trick or treat bag. At the very bottom it says, “Allowed to bring one guest and one guest only.”

“Why? It’s funnier to get full size bars in that neighborhood then to live in that neighborhood. It’s also a one mile walk to the house from here.”

“We are fourteen! We can’t trick or treat forever. Even if we have to we can stop at some houses on the way their. I know you don’t like her but you can still avoid her. Most of the school is coming and GUESS WHAT!”
“What?” I sighed.







“Please?” Linn was now giving me puppy eyes. Of course she can be persuasive when she needs to. I just slap my hand on my head and sighed. She would always budge me. Of course she would.

“Please?” Linn asks once again.

“Fine, but where only there for the chocolate fountain and we are stopping for candy on the way there. Got it because if you don’t you can go alone.”

“Your wish is my command.”

We said goodbye to Linn’s parents and set off into the night like we were vampire’s on the hunt for blood but we wanted candy.

As the sky got darker and darker are bags filled more and more. Once it was nine we were at the steps into Mirabella’s mansion. The house was a rich white and had a huge variety of invasive flowers. The grass was all cut at the same length. In fact, the house had a magnificent look to it - it made you feel like it was the mini version of the White House in Washington D.C.

Checking my watch it was 9:06 we were thirty six minutes late. I could feel the heat rise up into my face. Linn got impatient and grabbed my hand and pulled me in. It was like she was the fishermen that just hooked me. I tried to escape but I couldn't escape. Linn was agitated. When we burst into the doors I realized two things that felt like gunshots to my chest.  

Everyone was in formal dresses while me and Linn were wearing ridiculous homemade costumes. My crush Colin was their and he was holding Mirabella’s hand. I think the door made a big slam because all the attention was on us. After realizing the invitation never mentioned anything about what to wear but it is clear what it was supposed to be. I felt like a deer in a forest full of hunters. It didn’t take long for them all to burst out laughing. At least Colin wasn’t amused but that rest found it hysterical.

“What’s the meaning of this Mirabella!” Linn commanded.

“Did you really think I’d invite a couple of dorks without embarrassing you at all? Of course I knew about your tradition. It makes sense, Jennette smelt and decided to do something about it while you Linn seemed to show her inner beauty.” All of her rich snobby friends seemed to find her amusing again but this time Colin tried to hide his smile. I hate Mirabella she always beat’s me and embarsses me. It’s like her point of life is to harass me. Well this time I could not take it anymore.

I stepped away from Linn who had her face in her hands to step towards Mirabella. I grabbed by the strap of her dress to pull her towards the chocolate fountain and with one big yank Mirabella went right into the chocolate fountain. She may be faster and more educated, but I had way more strength. The chocolate fountain fell with her as she went down. She screamed as the hot chocolate burned her skin.

“Look who looks like crap and smells bad now and maybe you should had have adult supervision instead of a chocolate fountain,” I snickered.

When I turned around Colin stood their in astonishment. His face was full of worry but I didn’t care and since he was in my way I pushed him to the side. I grabbed Linn's hand and headed out the door. With one look back I could see Colin with many mixed emotions.

Me and Linn found a bench and sat down.

“We shouldn’t have come and I can see it now but was it really necessary to throw her into the fountain?

“I was more mad than usually because she messed with both of us and not just me. She had it coming some day anyway.”

“I mean why did you have to ruin the chocolate fountain with her toxic aroma? Now the chocolate is bitter and not safe for us to eat.” We both burst into laughing. She was going to learn a lesson one day for her bullying anyway and today happened to be the day.

Linn then said, “I told my parents we would be home by midnight. We two hours and fifty minutes left and I have a spectacular idea of what we should do.”


“Let’s head to that abandoned gas station! Maybe will see a ghost.”

“The one that's another mile from here? Is the trip really worth that?”
“Come on there's the tale th-”

“The tale that talk’s about a man who built an underground tunnel to hide bodies in it? That sounds too good to be true.”

“Well will never know if it’s true or not if we don’t check.”

“Is it safe to head that far into the countryside.”

“Who cares we can really see if your right about ghost’s.”

“I never thought a poop and a car freshener would go ghost hunting.”

“Please,” Linn begged. I sat there on the bench biting my ip once again. I always have to think about what decision while Linn always picks with no thought.

“Fine, I guess we can go. I’m just sick of walking.”

“Then I’ll give you a piggyback ride.” I grabbed on to Linn’s back and we headed off into the night.

After ten minutes Linn kicked me off her back. Still she can keep me on her back for a long time, probably because we always played cowboys when we were younger. She was always the horse since she was bigger. By bigger I don’t mean fatter I mean taller. Linn is tall and skinny while, I’m more of an average height and weight.


“How long is it from here?”


“Linn, seriously…….”

“About a couple minutes you could see it from here in the day.”

“Okay, but-” A rustling came from the forest behind us on our left and we could see something in the dark. It started to sprint away.

“Do you really think it was okay to come out here?” I asked.

“I have my IPhone, I named him George  but he won’t be called George,” Linn then whips out her phone and a australian man starts to speak. I don’t pay attention to what Linn because she just has an argument with her phone for the next five minutes until where their.

“Can you put down the phone now?” I command.


The look of the Gas Station looks like it did come from the 80’s because of it’s retro theme. It smells like cheap gas and rioting corpses. Litter is left all over and the garbage cans are overflowing. There's even nice spray paint from this century written on the sides of the building.

“Ugh what does that mean,” Linn says as she points towards one of the messages.

“I think it’s better to not know.”

“I can ask George.”

“No don’t, please don’t.”

“Fine………….” When we make are way to the door there's a lock on the front of the building. It’s rusted and feel’s like someone sharpened it with a cheese grater.

Then Linn states, “DON’T worry the wonderful Linn can fix it,” she pulls a bobby pin out of her hair causing it to come loose. She sticks it in the hole and starts to mess with the lock.

“I can’t believe we came all this way to not be able to come in. I bet they're still would’ve been house’s we could’ve of gone to get candy,” I complain.

“Umm, hmmmmmmm,” Linn mumbles.I continue complaining as she messes with the lock. As I talk I can see the figure we saw earlier in the woods. It’s making it’s way towards us.

“LINN, HURRY UP IT’S COMING,” I shout. Linn freaks out and almost drops the bobby pin. I look around and grab a piece of wood. I hold it out as defense.

“Stay back,” I whimper. This is such a bad idea is what I think about over and over again. It’s like it’s a music tape that keeps repeating the same line over and over again in my head.

As the figure is about to step into the street lamp light Linn get’s the door open. We both charge but feet are not the ground. There's a big hole in the floor and since me and Linn didn’t have time to notice we both feel in.

I got lucky when I landed because I fell into a pile of blankets. Linn screams in agony I come over to check on her. She holds her ankle.

“I landed on my ankle! Now it hurts so much!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be okay,” I reassured. I could her footsteps from up above so I took my wooden plank and held it out as my sword.  From up above a face into view, I was shocked to see who it was. I dropped my plank while my mouth hanged open.

“I’m so sorry,” Colin apologised.

“How are you here? Actually why are you here? I asked.

“After the party……………….. I felt awful I didn’t mean to hurt you guy’s. So I decided to follow to apologize and I heard part your conversation on the bench. Then you went and I was too late. I didn’t want to scare you again so I tagged along in the woods.”

“Why you made a grand entrance into the show. Now you got us stuck in this hole and Linn sprained her ankle. Now, tell us your master plan to get us out,” I said.

“You guys fell about ten feet there's no way I can help get you out, I could………” Colin then just stood there being absolutely clueless. He should really focus on school more than sport’s.

Without paying attention to Linn, she pulls out her phone. I turn around to see if it’s not broken - it isn’t but once she turns it on George says, “Peace Out,” and the screen goes black.

“Who said Peace Out?” Colin asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” I told him, “Why did the phone shut off! Is it’s battery gone?

“I guess sooooo,” Linn sighed.

“Colin do you have your phone with you?” I ask.

“No, I left it at Mirabella’s. Do yo-”

“No I don’t because if I did I would’ve of taken it out unlike you who just stands there carelessly,” I snickered.

“Hey I’m sorry I was at that party and I maybe did grin!” Colin shouted.

Then I yelled, “It’s not just that you held Mirabella’s hand!”
“Guys come down, I th-” Linn tried to explain.

“It’s always everyone’s fault but mine. Linn you made me go to Mirabella’s house and sent us into to this Gas-Station! Colin was the one that sent us down this hole!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

It went silent except for Colin who swore under his breath. Linn had tears dripping down her face while I had my arms cross. I was sick of people for being so ignorant. They make the same mistakes over and over again while I manage keep things good and safe.

After Colin was done swearing he said, “Well what now?”

“What now? WHAT NOW? Go get help, walk home since there's no other way to get us out of this hole!”

Colin gave us one last glance and left. He was depressed and I swear I could see one tear going down his face, but now it was only me a Linn. I handed Linn my plank I had so she could use it as a crutch.

I decided to take a better look around. The pile of blankets where on top of a moldy mattress with a few pillows. It looked like someone made a bed. It was probably the homeless which means they're in here or have a way out. Some cans are on the floor here and there. The most creepy part is how the walls, floor, and ceiling are made up off title. What if this really was where a guy who worked in the gas station stored body’s. What if he was still here?

It felt like spiders crawled up and down my spine at the thought of that. It was just a myth. What about ghosts? What if the ghost’s of his victim’s where here. I felt my skin become clammy and my eyes felt wide awake. Ghost’s do exist I know it! I’ve seen my mom’s ghost every night before I go to bed after her death since I was four.

Linn finally said something after the huge long silence, “Want to explore it’s why we came here.”

“Can we just stay here? Please?” I begged.

“Can’t we just do something fun together? We might find a ghost”

“Ghost’s can still harm the living, it’s not safe to get into contact with harmful souls.”

“Now you just sound ridiculous, the kids in horror movies just go out and explore.”

“Then they die.”

“Well life’s not a horror movie.”

“Then why did you just compare the two?” Without hesitation Linn grabs my hand and pulls me deeper and deeper into this hallway.

The hallway felt perpetual expect for a few turns here and their. As we went further in I heard voices of children screaming and playing. I asked Linn if she said had heard them but, she said no and told me I was being delusional. As we continued our path we saw many writing’s on the walls. Some had children playings others where children dying. Linn ignored them and moved forward. She seemed to really want to give me a good night to look back at laugh at it. Well it seemed like I would never want to look back at this night.

We made are way to a dead end and a smell went up both of are noses. It smelt like a rotting corpse. I didn’t feel safe and I bet she didn’t as well.

“Jenette, I ruined our whole night. It should be are best time of our year this day but now it seems like the worse because I ruined it all like you said,” Linn explained. I couldn't respond I felt like that was right but I would soon learn I was wrong.

“Of course I did!” Linn scream she even started cussing out loud. She turned back and I followed her. We were heading back to where we started. I felt sympathy towards Linn but I couldn’t feel empathy. Linn was walking really fast even though she had that wood plank. I saw as she turned a corner but then I heard her scream.

She fell backwards and looked up with fear she was petrified. She just layed there and screamed. I wanted to go and help but as I made my way up the wooden plank she once had came down down and smacked her in the head. I saw as her dead face was facing me. She died instantly. Her eye’s where now a pale blue and her skin seemed to turn pale white in a matter of seconds. I watched as the plank came down again and again until her head was nothing but a pile of blood. I felt my heart stop pumping and my blood turned ice cold. I lost the friend I loved for years die in front of me because I didn’t comfort her after her mistakes. I was mean and heartless all night. I made the most mistakes.

Her body started to slide down the hallway. I couldn’t see her killer because he was right behind that corner probably waiting for her. Words could not begin to describe how I felt. I knew I had to follow where he was taking her. I went and waited for him to go down the hallway. I followed the blood trail. I felt so disgusted, I guess the man that kills children in this gas station did exist.

I heard as heavy door smacked closed. I waited for the man to leave the doors. Once the door’s closed again and hope he was not coming to where I was. Luckily his footsteps become more and more quiet as he left.

I needed to be brave for Linn. I made to the door and opened it and inside I felt as brain exploded. There was many children's corpses on tables. I could see their bare feet sticking out from under the tables. They all seemed to have their clothes on but their shoes were taken and hung of the wall. From across the room, I could see Linn’s black flip flops on the wall. The spit it my throat turned to hot lava. I would never unseen this again. All these poor souls now had bare feet as they rotted with strangers. Some where children some were teens but there was not a single adult.

I went over to Linn’s body and grasped her hand. It was cold, my childhood friend was gone due to me for being such a horrible friend. I felt as the tears fell down my face. I didn’t have time to cry as I heard the heavy footsteps became louder. I hid under one of the other table’s near by.

The door smacked closed and before I knew it - the man was in the room. The blankets on each of the table’s where huge and allowed me to be unseen underneath because the hanged over the edges of each of the tables. The hard part was to keep my breathing quiet and steady. It felt like I just ran four miles without stopping.

I knew the man knew I was here, and he was looking for me. I heard as he lifted the blankets up from each table up to look under. I risked to peek and saw he was on the farther side of the room. I decided to be careful and moved to the next table. Soon after, I heard him get closer and I bet he just checked under the table I was at. I knew Linn would want me to live so I took a pebble and threw it out. The man probably stood up to check the noise and as he did I went to another table but he still managed to be checking so close to where I was. I crossed my fingers and hope he would leave, I was now so close to the door.

His steps got closer and I watched as he grabbed his hand under the blanket of the table I was at. Before he lifted I heard steps in the hallway as the door smashed open. A ton of gasps echoed in the room. The police were here.

“Drop that hammer you're going to be taken to the police station for station for questioning.”

I came out from under the table, I was a shivering car freshener and I had tears running down my face. I saw Linn’s killer he looked like he was in his sixties. He had poor clothes and messy grey hair. His appearance sent chills down my spine.

One month later, I was getting ready for Linn’s funeral as my mother came into the room.

“Colin is your tye on right?”

“Yes, go fix your hair!” I shouted in anger.

“You get so mad when ever you think about Linn, you at least saved Jennette.”

“Just go!” She left, sometime’s she tries to make me feel better when I don’t want her leave me alone. After Linn’s death Jenette was never the same. I hated it, I was made because I ruined Jeanette's life and killed Linn. It only took me five minutes to run that mile but it wasn’t enough. Jenette was right I am a clueless idiot that never knows what to do.

I loved Jenette - I like her. I had a crush on her and now I destroyed her. Jenette is smart that she can outsmart all adults and she was able to stay alive with a serial killer around. If anything happened to Jenette I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. She wasn’t afraid to let out her anger. When she yelled at me I ran as fast as I can to the police so she wouldn’t be disappointed but I wasn’t fast enough to save Linn and her.

I’ve been a mess ever since. I’m missed a lot of school, barely showered, and been sleeping a lot. My mother doesn’t understand why I’m so upset and I don’t ether. I always thought it was for Jenette but I don’t know anymore. Me and Jenette are in the same homeroom and we also have a lot of classes together. Whenever we are in the same room she just stares at me. It makes me wish I don’t even exist.

At the funeral I could see Jenette staring at me the whole time in the corner of my eye. Her light brown eyes remind me of fall and her blonde hair makes her look like Goldy Locks. Her black dress isn’t that good of a color on her, she should wear her yellow smiley face shirt again but she only wears black ever since Linn’s death.

During the funeral me and Jenette don’t shed any tears because are too dried by the many other times we’ve done before. After the funeral Mirabella is waiting outside. She comes up and says, “Why have you been ignoring me.”

I just shrug my shoulders, can she show some respect? I was just at a funeral.

“At my party you promised to be my boyfriend and I expect you too.” I can see the burn mark from the chocolate fountain still on her face. It looks like a scar that Harry Potter has.

“Well that deal is off, I just said I would because all the attention was on me. Popularity can be full of dishonesty,” I explain.

Mirabella gives me look’s like she just saw her ugly face in the mirror and then says, “Well not rude, I expect one date because you said you would and you blew off my party and left for those nerds.”

“Nerds? DON’T YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT YOU RICH BRAT. One of them died all you got was a Harry Potter scar. I have been so depressed since Linn died! Now all you care about is my fake love, guess what I like Jenette and not you. I hate you.”

Mirabella grabs my arm and starts to pull me. I’m about to break free until someone yells.

“Get your hands of him Mirabella!” Jenette yells. Jenette grabs Mirabella’s own and hand and use it to slap her.

“Don’t you ever put your hands on him again!” Jenette says. Mirabella heads off stomping. I look Jenette in the eyes, they glimmer even though there's snow on the ground. Her hair flows nicely in the windy air.

I couldn’t resist and I had to thank her somehow. So I grabbed her head and pulled her head in for a kiss. Her lips are cold against my warm lips. It felt like I pressed an ice cube up to mouth. It makes my spine tingle as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

As we pull away we both have tears in our eyes. Then we pulled in for a hug. I warmed her up. It felt good to not feel alone. It felt horrible to get together when Linn left us. It’s the only reason we ever got together. We stayed together till death put us apart.

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