Blank Space

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Don't let go of freinds without a reason or they might spill your blood on the floor.

Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017



The liquid drips down onto the floor. I can hear it. It’s all I hear in the dark. I can feel the cold tile of Serena's kitchen. It makes my hair on my arm lift up as if it was was being pulled. The drip’s start to get louder and louder. I can tell the liquid is thick as it falls to the floor. It makes big’s splat sounds like paint. I know it’s not paint because I can smell it. I wish it smelt like paint. It smelt like a rotting corpse. I felt like I was in a morgue. I knew I wasn’t because I have stepped on these tile’s many times. I knew the sandpaper like tiles when I feel them. The liquid sounds get louder and louder. After what sounds like they stop I feel as the warm liquid drips right on my head.

I scream as loud as I can into the night. I know no one can hear me. I scream because I haven’t heard a human voice in the last few hours. It’s making me go insane and now with warm liquid on my head I have no reason to keep my sanity. As time moves forward the liquid on my head goes into my hair. It feel’s like it’s gonna go right into my skull and into my brain to give me brain damage.

At some sudden moment “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift starts to play in the kitchen. I can barely hear it. It sounds as if it’s a whisper. I started screeching because I knew it was Serena’s favorite song. I knew she was mad at me for forgetting are childhood and moving on. I knew she wanted revenge and she was going to torture me into insanity.

When the song get’s to the chorus, Taylor starts to screech instead. She scream’s bloody murder as you can her scraping in the background. I want to scream in unison with her. I know I can now because the same screaming line has been repeated for fifteen minutes now. After time her voice morph’s into a familiar one I heard many times before. It’s Serena’s voice because it’s raspy. She has a raspy voice because she has asthma. When she screams it sounds as if she was screaming because she couldn’t breathe. The last time I heard that scream was the reason why I came to her house in the first place today.

“I’m surprised you and her were childhood friends,” whispers Capricia as she points towards Serena who is alone at a table while she listens to music. Serena had to keep pushing in her earbuds and glasses while she ate. It gave her the look of the true nerd.

“She’s a good person we just grew apart because we had different……….. different passions,” I explain.

“Really Claudia Ann,” Says Capricia. She even rolls her eyes because she is someone who can really tell the truth when she see’s it.

“I mean it she likes music - I like sports. She likes books - I like movies. She likes relaxing - I like danger, action, and fun.” I lie. With that Capricia just rolls her eyes again.

“What do you mean you like fun? Do you think she’s boring. Not really worth your time. You do enjoy music you're both in the same choir class. You're both in advance ELA as well,” Ana says.

I sputtered, “Fine you got me.”

“You're just a rude friend huh, I’m surprised to see you where that mean to her,” told Capricia.

“Well aren’t even afraid to say the hard honest truth without offending someone. You also sputter out secret’s like the time. Remember the time I said hi to Tony and you had to add on - Claudia loves you, like likes you.”

“It’s ruder to not tell Serena why you left her in the first place. I think it’s quite rude. I’d rather have someone live me with why they left instead of GOODBYE,” Capricia declared.

“How about this, you two stop trying to make each other feel bad for their own mistakes and fix them yourselves, please? Claudia you go tell Serena the truth? Capricia you go watch what you say? Deal?” Ana demanded. Ana is the most resourceful one. She’s reasonable and responsible. She somehow always makes everything even in some way or another while Capricia somehow has to say the honest truth in the most worst way. Capricia is still really strong emotionally and physically while Ana struggles emotionally. I still love them two as my friends.

“Why do you get to make decisions?” Capricia growleded.

“Because you can’t make them yourselves,” Ana observed.

“There's no way I’m going to tell Serena,” I complained.

“Your a 10th grader and it’s been since middle school since you broke apart. There's no reason to keep that away so long,” Ana explained.

“Why should I? She has been facing problems at home with money. She needs to make money and she does that by making songs. Her father says her songs don’t sell because they are boring. If I tell her I left her because she’s boring isn’t gonna make things better. I’ll ruin her more, would you do that Ana?” I question.

“Yes I would and then I would reassure her by inviting her to our table right now. It has four seats and look one left,” replied Ana.

“I would do it,” Capricia announces. I slap my head a look her right into her brown eyes.

“Of course you would, have you listened to anything I’ve said,” I barked.

“I forgot everything except the bet. I’ll accept the bet if you do,” Capricia offered. Of course she forgot. Awhile ago I told her my birthday was in two days. Guess what she forgot so I only got one present from Ana at school.

“Fine I accept the bet,” I sigh.

“Oh! Great and Capricia what do you think of my shirt,” Ana asked. Ana’s shirt was a long sleeved shirt that looked like it was t-dyed. It made her look like an epic hippy - especially with her flower headband. At least it matched her light brown hair.

“I think you look like a godesses from a country of vegetarians,”Capricia complemented.

“You need to learn to complement,” Ana sighed.

“I’m going in,” I announced. It felt like a long trip to her table since it was all the way across the room. It was easy to see her from across the room because of bright red hair and big blue eyes. Serena would be very pretty if she had no glasses and braces. I was a few steps away from her table when she noticed me approaching.

“Huh, it seems you left your sporty friends for once,” Serena observed.

“Yeah I came by.”

“For what, you only talk to me when we have to work on a project.”

“I came to tell you the truth,”

“About what? Why you left me for them?”

“Wait do you know the answer?”

“Yes and I was very scared to approach you about it.”

“What is it”

“I heard some teacher’s talking about you, they said something……….. about you.”


“They said they saw you stalking younger men. The teachers were having a conversation on your unusually behavior. I thought you left me for new friends because I thought you thought I wasn’t worthy of your usual talk.” My mouth hung open. Does Serena know what it’s called? It’s called having a crush. Stalking is a little too big. I can’t believe she think’s I’m obsessed with boys that I talk them in such a bad way. She thought I left her because I thought we couldn’t talk about my love interest’s. I was furious it was like she thrown away what she thought about me and put in this new reality just because I loved sport’s more than music now.

I backed away from the table. I was uncomfortable because dozen’s of student’s heard. Over time during high school I’ve grown to be popular. This was a major step back. I stopped going back and went forward. I knew I had to give her what she deserved for believing such lies.

“You idiot, you thought I was obsessed with boys that I had to forget you just because I thought you didn’t trust my judgement. I just had one crush like every other girl at school should have. I’m sorry I couldn’t be friends with you because you were boring and couldn’t grow up. I thought you thought of me in a better way but no, you think I’m some wannabe big flirt. You’d want what I have right now. Their is no right for you to have the right to think such lies are true of me. I hope you see the true reason bright and clear now,” I yelled with such power the whole cafeteria heard. It was dead silent and I could feel the guilt rise up out of me like it was steam.

“I - I go-got to go. I can’t ta-take this nonsense of you. You a-are true an-and wrong. I thought yo-you and I were elementary friends once but no,”Serena sobs. She then run’s faster than once I ever could out of the cafeteria. My face burns bright red as I look at everyone here. Some people I see have concern for me, some are angry, some don’t care, and some are eating up the drama. I can hear her scream as she runs out of the cafeteria. No one goes out to help her.

I end up on my knees with my head in my hands as I cry for the first time I have in the last 4 years. I’m not weak but that - that killed me forever. It will really kill.

After Serena cried I had to go to all the rest of my classes as if nothing happened. At 8:00 pm the same day I came to her house to apologize. Ana put me up to this saying she could explain to coach why I missed track practice. After I knocked on her door I got hit in the head by something made out of stone and passed out to later wake up in her house.

“Stop screaming,” I beg Serena.

“I came to apologize, I should’ve of stayed your friend still even though I played more sports,” I sobbed. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t I was all tied up.

“IT’S ALL My FAULT,” I scream.

“It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault,” I murmured. The music suddenly stops with a loud creak. In the dark room a light suddenly appears.

“It is your fault Claudia,”announces Serena. Before me is the ghost of Serena in her pajamas. You can see a huge red mark all the way around her throat as blood drips out of her mouth. The sight of her makes me want to puke. Her eye’s are now black instead of blue. This is not the Serena I knew.

“No, no, no, NOOO,” I shout in pain. I’m going insane. How could this happen in a matter of hours.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Serena giggles.

“You can’t be dead - you are not dead!”

“But I am.” She then smirks.

“You shouldn’t have died you would of done so much!”

“Like what! Be my father's servant after my mom died of cancer. Then when he dies I realize I have nowhere to go to and I have no experience or money to help me establish my own life!”

“You’d be a songwriter! You're the best one at our school.”

“That’s a lie! All what your saying is lies! You left me to no reason why you left. I’d knew you’d come because your friends would make you like they did before!”

“How’d you know that?”

“You don’t care for others at all just yourself! You did not want to lose them!” I started to cry. It was all true I’ve been selfish. I’ve been a bratty teenager. I have no idea what I have done. She made me black out to have many nightmares then had me wake up to find them true.

“LOOK WHO’S THE BABY NOW,” Serena screams.

“After I ran out and cried I was beat up by the older kids.” I took a closer look at Serena had cuts and had one bad black eye.

“You should’ve at least talked to me earlier than be a coward, time to face your fears.” One light in the kitchen turned on. Directly under it was the hanged corpse of Serena. Blood was dripping out of her mouth. It was now all over my head. I started to scream no over and over again with no hope.

“It’s time for you to pay for your selfish actions.” A knife then slide from out of the darkness in front of me. I felt as the rope tied around my wrists loosened letting me be able to take the knife and end myself.

“I want to be dead with someone Claudia. I don’t want to be alone ever again. I want you to be dead with me. Now it’s time to be selfless. Join me and be my friend once.” I sit they're not screaming she want’s me to end my life to be with her forever. That is selfish. I want to live, I still have things to live for. I could never let go of the things I love.

“I want to live, it’s selfish of you to ask such a ridiculous request!”

“I will make you.” At that sudden instance the knife flies across my neck creating a huge gash. I fall on the floor. I get to look at her feet as my life is going away. It burns like I was five feet from the sun's surface. I hear as she laughs and the horrible messed up version of Blank Space plays again. I knew I did not deserve such pain for such a stupid decision. I was just a teen, but so was she. As the pain continues it goes numb. My heart starts to pump slower and I feel it. I never thought this day would come but I said my last words as this, “I wanted to live on to be their for others but I failed since I wasn’t there for you Serena.” Serena then stops laughing. She gives me a sincere look but says “Liar.” My eyelids grow heavier as my heart stops.

After that I see light and never see Serena again. I get to rest in peace and pain while Serena doesn’t get rest at all. I wish I could their for my friends even though they weren’t perfect. I knew my family and friends would miss me. If I could do one last thing in life. I would say goodbye and thank you to every last one of them.

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