The Monster In Us

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What is a factor of the non living? Do you have to be an ugly creature in order to be a monster? Anyone that walks among us can be a monster the next day.

Submitted: October 14, 2017

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Submitted: October 14, 2017




Every night a young girl slumped into her bed. She was very hesitant to flip the switch of her bedroom light. If she did not, her father would pound on the door with a fist that bearded many veins. He would bust the door, his face covered in sweat, his eyes bloodshot, and his gruffy facial hair ingrown.  Sometimes he would flip the switch or sometimes he would throw a fit like his seven year old daughter. Some night’s if the girl whimpered his arm would be lifted and brought down upon her face. Tonight was the night she decided to turn the switch off herself.

The dark it self held much evil of the lost people. The people who couldn’t control themselves - the insane and forgotten ones. These weren’t people - they were monsters. They didn’t deserve to be called people once they lost all their humanity.

The tree brushed against the window - it sounded as if someone was taping the window. The thunder keep growling like a ravenous beast who was ready to fest. The moonlight glistened through the window upon a little girl's face. Fear stricken the girl like hammer on a nail. She held the covers tightly to her face, as she tried to conceal herself from the dark. What monster was tapping against the window for a game?

This was the case every night when the lights went out. For now the girl stared out the window obviously as she tried to escape the monster that taped the window. Today, the monster made it’s appearance visible to the girl. The beast had hair matted to it’s face. It’s demonic eyes slipped between it’s hair. The silk dress it wore was covered in dirt mud and other colors the young girl couldn't identify. The beast brought in a cold breeze as it slid the window open.

The girl whimpered, she couldn't call her father because he would bring his hand on her again. She would be left with a mark red like the sunrise. Her father was much more reckoning then this monster. More importantly, these dark thoughts gave her life a new perplex meaning she couldn't confront. Her weakness brought trembling fear on her as she let out cries that couldn’t be heard by the dead themselves.

The monster crawled onto the ceiling with its razor sharp claws. Once the monster laid directly above the poor girl it’s head turned all the way around to peer over her. The tears keep coming and coming from the poor girl but, not a single peep. A malicious grin was now apparent across it’s face - it’s eyes light like the color of it’s victims once they were teared apart with its massive claws. It’s wide grin opened wide as the entire length of the world. The mysterious liquid dripped off it’s dress and onto the floor. It stood out on the young girls beautiful flower bed. However, tears ran down this monster’s face like the young girl. It still grinned with pride - it was if this monster lived on a fallacious emotion.

The stare between the girl and monsters eyes was perpetual. As the time passed on, the girl pulled her covers down more and more. She could feel the pity for this pest - she seemed to feel the same agony as this monster. Maybe this monster was a young girl like her once. The young girl gathered the courage to lift the blanket off her. Her fingers trembled as she had a sweltering pain in her head.

The girl then whimpered, “My na-name is Harper.” The monster contorted its face in confusion. The monster’s grin pushed together as it’s expression grew calmer. It still held the dead stare with the child.

“Do you want to be m-my friends,” the young girl stammered. The monster seemed to have no knowledge of english but, it did understand. The monster hesitantly nodded it’s head. It pulled it’s lanky body off the ceiling and onto the floor at the foot of her bed.

With a raspy voice the monster spoke, “I never had friends.” It sounded as if someone rubbed sandpaper all around in it’s thorat. Even saying four words, the monster was out of breath.

“I never did too,” whispered the young girl. The monster held an expression of sorrow. The features of it’s face made the creature look quite ancient and the thin body made the monster’s ribs seen through her thin dress. It seemed the creature never ate.

It then stammered, “My name is Edith.”

“That’s a pretty name,” complimented the young child. The monster squinted with it’s dark eyes after it pulled back it’s greasy black hair that looked like thick pieces of black yarn. The revealing of it’s pale face showed that the monster had multiple scars that were infected with yellow pus escaping out of them. The young girl tried to hard to hold back a massive “eww,” but when the child's face held disgust the monster looked as if she saw a hanging. The monster pulled back and griped the window.

Before the monster could leave the girl stood and shouted, “DON’T LEAVE!” The loud noise stopped the monster right when it was at the window. It turned back with the wretched grin on it’s face. It turned around and laughed. You could hear the monster’s heavy accent under the raspy laugh.

The monster turned around and slammed the window after it exited out the window. The girl teared up again. Now she was left with a pitiful feeling of regret as well with the fear of what was in store for her the next day.

School didn’t matter, the child went with no thought or care in the world. She didn’t sleep. The young the child started out it’s window for the rest of the night. The blank bags were quite noticeable under her eyes at school. Other’s noticed her behavior was quite unusual compared to her usual self. The teacher noticed, she decided to take the problems into her own hands.

A talk between the child and the young girl went nowhere. She stared at the floor and whispered as if she wanted to be as hearable as a dog whistle. The teacher sent her home with her head held low. Moreover, the teacher believed that student was much more than just a girl standing in her mother’s shadow.

The next night the girl admired the beautiful color in her room. The nice handmade butterflies on the wall, the puffy rug, the dollhouse, the dresser, the clothing was all the things that brought her room to life. Turning off the lights would destroy all the colors that gave her room life - gave her safety. However, her father would come like he always and taunt her for her fear - the fear of the monster.

She did it - she turned off the lights. The girl pulled the blankets to her face. She started to whimper. The monster would be angry, she would tear the young girl. However, the breeze filled the room quick making it feel as a freezer. The girl's face was streamed with tears.

The monster slid in the room at a slow pace. It stood at the end of the bed with her head down low. It’s face streamed with lots of tears as the young girl. The monster then lifted her head and asked, “Harper.. am I a monster?”

The young girl lowered her blanket. The monsters expression was as complicated as a puzzle with millions of puzzle pieces. It all was clear now, the young girl held her hand to the monster and smiled. This smile was not a fake one like the monster had the night before - it was genuine.

The two started to talk. They had great conversations off  the young girl's life. They built a relationship of the understanding they had of one another. The young girl believed that Edith was a great friend but, one night weeks later changed all the young girl thought of life.

Edith slid into the room with the same genuine smile. The young girl sat up and smiled too but it then faded once Edith sat at the end of the bed. There was a question in the back of the young girl's mind as if it was an itch she needed to scratch.

“What’s on your mind?” asked Edith with a worried tone but, a much clearer voice from the many talks they had before.

The young girl lifted her head and bite her lip but, still summon the courage to answer, “Edith, are you dead? I - i,” she then covered her face. There was an instant silence between the girls.

“Yes I am, do you want what my final choice was” The young girl tensed but didn’t answer. However, Edith didn’t care she continued, “I came from a high class family. I was expected to be well mannered and sophisticated but, when my mother died of the flu my father had deep depression. What did he do to me behind doors?”

The young girl was confused, Edith was well kept to herself over the weeks they have talked. Now she just simply spoke with a dark and calm tone of her past. It was as if the young girl didn’t need a key to open this chest that was Edith’s dark past.

Once again Edith did not wait for the young girl to respond, “My father laid his hands on me as if I was his DOLL!” she then stood and loamed over the young girl, “I was thirteen, five years older than you. He’d drink and then he would hurt me! Right at those parties I’d smile like I WAS HAPPY! He’d then hurt me! HURT ME CAUSE I WAS THE OLDEST! I’d lie, I’d lie, I’D LIE FOREVER! I needed to stop him one way or another. It’s just the same with you and me! YOU AND ME.” Edith was know tearing her hands in her skull. Skin fell of her skull like snowflakes falling on the earth.

The young girl did not go under the covers - she understood. The young girl's father hurt, forgot her, and moved onto other women instead of the care of his daughter. She felt alone and abused. The young girl only had Edith as a friend. Maybe it was best to understand where she came from.

“I pulled out the kitchen knife and hurt my father while he sleep. Do you want him to terrorize you for life? Pretend to be happy with your classmates? Make your father pay!”

The young girl was beyond confused. She was in an infinitive world of question with one clear motive - to end it.

“Go find your father’s gun! You've hunted before! Finish it all!” The girl was crying silently. This made no sense. What was Edith? What was this mad thought? Some of the earlier talks between them had became dark but, this was insane. However what if she would end it?

The young girl lifted herself out of the bed and sneaked out the hall. She climbed in her father’s room with Edith traveling behind. Under the bed laid a leather case. The young girl opened it and pulled out.

In living room, the TV light rested upon her father in his recliner. The young girl lifted the gun above chair and positioned in the right place. The young girl's hands were sweaty on the trigger. Edith keep constantly whispering, “do it,” in her ear. She shut her eyes a pulled the trigger, “BANG.” The young girl tripped back and fell on the ground.

Time went as quick as the travel of light, the girl cried louder then the bang. She couldn’t lift herself up from the ground. Edith was gone. She was alone. The police burst in to find the girl on floor. They lifted her outside. The sirens couldn’t be heard by the girl but, the lights blinded her. The young girl was numb all over - all she could feel the pounding in her head as if someone was trying to escape out of it. All she really remembered after the incident that night was the fearful and puzzled expressions the officers had when they found an eight year old crying on the floor of a crime scene.

Years later a man and a women stare into the cameras that show the young girl sitting motionless with hands restrained from her. Women gives the man an odd look but, finally decides to speak, “This is Harper Henderson. A young thirteen year old girl. She's a sociopath because at a young age was to build up figments of her imagination as actual people.  She say’s they dwell in the dark and still do. In fact she say’s the dead want her. One time, she built a relationship with a ‘thing.’ This thing was believed to then said convince her to kill a men only when she was eight. She’s never recovered since then and now resides here.”

The man’s eye’s opened up wide. It was hard to believe that such a young poor girl could do such evil because of her corrupted mind. Even at eight she lifted a weapon and killed a man. The man nodded to show that he was listening.

The lady continued, “When we turn the lights in her room off she whimpers and says Edith will come for her. She says Edith has created a monster that didn’t need to fill with more hatred. Harper’s mind is so perplex. It seems she’s traumatized for life. However, it’s your job to keep a careful watch on her emotions and actions.”

“I understand,” the man said. The lady left and now he was alone to watch this screen and keep watch of this monster’s behavior. This monster that now lost its humanity - it’s humanity made it human.

Now the young girl lays in the cell. Is she truly human? Is killing one of your own kind for revenge a true human? Was it really going end it all? The young girl will never cleary think like a human as she is now a monster like her “friend” Edith.




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