Missing Letter

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I wrote this short story to show a friend of mine how close she is. Actually, i am bothering her most of the time because she is so funny..

In this short story, i am trying to imagine the fortune i lose if i miss her due to my silly behaviours.

Submitted: May 27, 2008

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Submitted: May 27, 2008





To the beach, he walks slowly!! His face was down!! Oh, I forgot to introduce this guy to you!!! He is so lazy; it doesn't worth to remember his name!! If you care, he goes by the name Hamood. Everybody around the beach was wondering: what is wrong with this guy? Why is he alone? He used to have a pearl that he picked up from the Red Sea!! Everybody envied him at that time. Everybody was shocked because of the five golden letters on it. He should have kept it safe. This guy is really careless. He never values what he has before missing it!!


 Toward Hamood, she directed her eyes… She was Lona, a five year cute girl. She was shouting: "Hey, weird guy!! I want talk to you? I am bored from playing around with kids"? Focusing on her blue eyes, "How cute you are" says Hamood.

Lona: "Would you please tell me about you.. Everybody talking about the five golden letters on your pearl?" the guy was diving into his deep thoughts ocean. After having a deep breath, he replied:" well honey, it is my pleasure but let me first know your name for sake of your awesome eyes? She said" they call me Lona"

Hamood: Lona, your name has four letters and so does my pearl: it has four letters:




It is a precious stone that every girl wants to put on daily starting from the old ages. I used to have Jewelry Lona, I used to own all mines containing gold and diamond, but I messed up with my fortune till I lost it.







Big trees were surrounding my oasis. It contained the purest water a thirsty man could taste. I was living there Lona. I was joyous and lucky to have my nap there every noon under the shadow of the olive tree. But I wasn't watering my trees from the oasis, so all tries died and I left it….




Dear Lona, nobody would be happy without friends and family regardless of the masses of jewelry and the eye-catching oasis he has… I used to have the kindest neighborhood an individual could hope for. I was offending them unintentionally until I found myself deserted by family and friends.




Whenever I was feeling that my emotions are dead, I used to have a look at the fourth letter of my pearl. After a blink of an eye, my heart could send the most touching emotions and hence my fingertips could write poems… I was silly when I did underestimate that inspiration.


And these are the four letters on my pearl.. the initials of Jewelry, Oasis, Neighborhood and Inspiration.


Lona: and you got it from the Red Sea, didn't you?

Hamood: more specifically, from Jeddah,

Lona: so, people were right about your pearl. But they are talking about five letters? Where has the fifth one gone?

Hamood: I barely keep notations of these four letters; J-O-N-I; I don't have the capability of handling the fifth because of my prior carelessness.


Lona: what a pity?


Hamood: the pearl was generous when allowing me to store the first four, but she wanted to punish me by forgetting the fifth one.


Lona: wait, she?? Do u mean that the pearl was a human being?


Hamood: she was, her name was JONI





M. A. H

May 6, 2008


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