Tomorrow would be Better

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Rosa, a 14 years old girl, lost her mom and grandmother. Her dad is taking her to visit aunt Sara. There, she meets a nice boy who gives her the hope of having a happy life.

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



Tomorrow would be Better

The cold wind current is teasing her sad face; the moon light is reflected by her tearful eyes. Rosa is running quickly towards her grandmother house. Gloomily, she walks into the little house. In a monotonous tone, she is repeating: "Hug me grandma, Talk to me!!"…. While having tears in his eyes, her dad is trying his best to calm her down!
 Since her grandmother passed the way, Rosa moaning is heard every night in the neighborhood. Few years ago, she lost her mom because of cancer and now she misses the grandmother who looked after her, used to tell her stories nightly and comb her blond hair daily. It has been really a long time since no smile is drawn on her cheeks!! Nightmares wake her up and daydreaming never allows her to take a nap. Rosa has not taken rest during the last three months.
Due to the long term misery that Rosa has gone through, her father decided to get her out of this trouble. While he was drinking a cup of coffee and she was looking at him, the father cut the peaceful silence: " How about if we drop by Sara house for a couple of weeks?!!!"
Surprisingly, Rosa replied:" Aunt Sara, that would be a great idea!" and her face beamed.
"I've never seen your smile lately, honey" says the dad
"Life is treating me harshly, dad" replies Rosa
He left the cup on the desk, took a deep breath and walked toward his daughter. He cordially hugged his daughter and told her: "You have lost your mom and grandma one after the other; I'll never let you down ".
After few minutes, Rosa felt that she is in safe hands; she was nodding off and felt a sleep. Dad gave her a sweet kiss and carried her to the bed. He made sure that her pink blanket covered her soft body and then he directed himself to his room after he was fully exhausted.
After spending a night that was full of blissful dreams and cheerful hopes, the father and his daughter got up and called the lovely aunt to inform her about the visit. Sara was really glad because of this sudden plan. The father was optimistic and said: "Honey, we are going to have a joyful stay there in the rural side where your aunt lives".  Rosa let a smile out and kissed her father.
Having packing their luggage, the father started his car and headed toward the rural.
The eager sister was waiting for her brother and Rosa. She prepared cheese cake and lemon juice for her lovely niece. Once they landed, Sara couldn't hide her smile and she gently hugged Rosa. Rosa felt that her mom is back to life!! In a sand tone, Rosa said: "Your sweet-smelling perfume reminds me of my mom smell". The aunt was focusing on Rosa tearful eyes and gave her a tender kiss before greeting her brother.
With her aunt, Rosa spends beautiful times. The aunt doesn't have any kids and thus she feels the emotions of motherhood when Rosa is around. During afternoons, Rosa walks slowly at the garden near the aunt home. Whenever she gets tired, she escapes from sun heat to the shadow of a big birch.
At one sunny day, Rosa was looking closely at the birch. Suddenly, there was a boy with his hands caressing her shoulders; a boy that Rosa has never seen before. He was her aunt brother-in law and he goes by the name Sam. Sam is one year older than Rosa and he visited his brother to spend the summer time away from the noisy city where he lives. They introduced themselves to each other and they started a long talk as if they knew each other for a long time.
The two kids became close friends in few days. They are playing around the house, watering the yard and staying at the garden every day. The garden sees the most beautiful joy of both and it witnesses their innocent talks. At the end of each day, they come back to the aunt home holding each other hands. Rosa father and aunt are so glad due to this sudden inflection in her life.
A day before the certain day of returning home, Rosa is bored because she will miss the entertainment she has there.
While she was under the birch shadow together with Sam, she said: "I'm going to miss this place Sam, You, my aunt and this birch".
Sam replied: "Me too, but I'll never forget you".
Rosa: "Really?!"
Confidently, Sam replied: "Of course."
Rosa: "Yesterday, I lost my mom and my grandma. Today, I'm losing you. What about tomorrow? "
Sam: "Tomorrow would be better. I imagine ourselves sauntering over to a beach in a restful and quiet island at night and holding each other hands until seawater comes and teases our bare feet!! Then we stop to observe the sunset and eye contact each other".
Rosa: "Is that going to happen?"
Sam: "We shall look forward optimistically"  
By that time, both kids were happy and they started to observe the sunset near the birch. They continued their stay there until the darkness overcame the daylight. They were yawning after this matchless farewell.
The day after, Rosa and her dad were ready to leave. They said bye to the aunt and Sam. The aunt gave the niece a photo album that has pictures of her when she was a baby. Sam gave Rosa a wooden cat sculpture that took him the whole last night to get it ready. Rosa was happy especially when she knew that the sculpture was made of the birch wood.
After few minutes, Rosa and her dad left the aunt house. Rosa is waiving at her aunt and Sam until they completely disappear. After that, she looks at her father and says: "Thanks dad, I've enjoyed my time. Do you think that I will have fun with them again" .
Smiling at his daughter, the dad said: "For sure! Let us hope that tomorrow would be better".
Rosa: "Tomorrow would be better! That was Sam sentence. I love him dad".
May 30, 2008

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