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"Women who love too much"

Submitted: October 04, 2007

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Submitted: October 04, 2007



A tear falls to the floor only memories you left as you walked out that door. So my heart wanted to shout.

To you not to go but my head thought different “Women who love too much” haunt my thoughts.

All the love of my soul I gave to you I forgave you each time you strayed and indulged in another’s arms for love, you said “it was just sex” “what was wrong with me” I’d ask, “it was the excitement of something different” “well this time you went to far” the thought still haunts me.

We got all dressed up you in your light blue suit me in my light long pink evening dress I was so excited to be going out to such a big night for you. A prentation of awards and you were to be one of the winners.

Little did I know it would turn into the most disastrous night with you? Sitting at the table surrounded with all your friends you said I will only be a minute and perused to the toilet.I watched you go and enter however after 10 minutes you had not returned I watched a young girl of about 20 enter the same door to the ladies 5 minutes ago.

A couple of your friends stood in front of the door as if to guard it I sat and waited my heart swelling into my mouth 20 minutes went buy.

I stood from my chair walked to the door pushing your friends out the way opened the door and at that split minute the ladies door slammed shut.

I banged on the door you appeared red faced I knew what you had been doing, I looked at you heart in mouth tears streaming from my face “that’s the last time no more” I feared you for your violence but at that present moment of time. I did not care the ground could swallow me up.

I left but you followed “Please I will never do it again” how many times I had heard that it was like a record repeating itself “No no more”.

We returned home early you never did receive your award but as far as I was concerned if they knew the man I did there is know way you would of received any sort of award may be one for Adultery.

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