Bonnie and Me

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Just a small Verse of the Dragon and Us

Submitted: September 13, 2007

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Submitted: September 13, 2007



Bonnie and Me

“Bonnie watch out its coming straight for us”

“I can’t see I can’t see which way is it coming?”

“Look beyond the cluster of trees which are swaying in the wind, to the left hurry before its reaches me”

“I see it I see it please hold me. I am so frightened it’s much bigger than me”

“Don’t worry hold on we will get through this you will see”

“Ride high my dear dragon to the skies up above”

“Through the wind and the clouds we love you so much”

“Go quicker and faster I can hear its great roar”

“Its catching up with us now and my heart beats so faster.

I must not let Bonnie know I am as frightened as her,

The clouds they were thick may be we could hide,

But the dragons so big and has great beady eyes,

I look down below there’s a forest down there,

I shout to our Dragon “fly swiftly and quickly to the forest below”

I feel Bonnie’ grip grow tighter.

“Don’t worry Bonnie it won’t be to long we can hide in Forest and it will not know”

“Ok my dear fairy I thank you so much”

We flew fast and so furious I nearly fell off.

We reached the dense forest.

“I shouted to Bonnie there’s a cave over there”

Twisting and turning we are suddenly there.

We hide with the bats, and smell the grey musty air,

We sit still and quiet listening only to the swaying of trees in the dusk call air.

The ground shook beneath us

I knew he was not far away,

Bonnie was shaking and crying

“Please bonnie don’t cry I will make it go away”

I forgot for a minute I was a fairy you see.

So with my magic wand I said

“Giant I here you go back to your land leave Bonnie and me alone in Pixie land”

I waved my glittering wand and low and behold.

The ground did not shake for now you were GONE

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