Heavens Doors

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After writing My Darling Samantha life took another twist within a year another loss more tears to cry.

Submitted: September 09, 2007

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Submitted: September 09, 2007




Not yet had a year past from losing you to the angles above. Then to hear the news with the phone in my hand my niece has been knocked down, she had been out at lunch without permission from school some one shouted at you “the Headmasters coming” in fear you ran the wrong way straight in front of that moving car.

That night I got ready still in shock of the news by the time I left you had been transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in London.When I arrived at the Hospital door I found out that you were on the seventh floor. My heart in my mouth I got into the lift as I had a dreaded fear of heights Still you were so dear to me.

As the lift went up I feared what I would see. When I stepped out the lift my sister was there crying so hard holding her husband near. I asked how you were they said “critically ill”. I went to you bed side in the small plain room which also had a large window which slightly frightened me. however when I looked at your face I had seen this before lots of my memories came hard and to the core.

I stood looking at you so young only 14 your long wavey hair you look peacefully asleep. How ever some thing in side just new you would leave and join the angles in heaven above. I walked round to the side of your bed I leant over and kissed you and in a whisper I said “when you get with the angles take care of Samantha for me play happy togetherFor eternity I love you dear Zena your memories I will treasure for ever goodnight sweet dreams”.

I sat there a while and remembered all of the summers when you and your sister stayed with me over the years for the summer holidays because I lived up until ,9 months ago down by the sea. My heart went out to my sister and her husband yet there were no words to say just hoping maybe I may be wrong and you would pull through.

I left and returned to my home and just cried how life could be so cruel.The phone rang later that night I knew before I answered that you had gone to the Angles above. My heart it cried with pain for within 1 year 2 children had been taken from me.I thought of my sister and what do I say for I know myself there is no words that can make the sorrow and loss go away.

Many years have now gone buy I have your pictures together side by side and in the middle there is a verse within a frame and it reads.

Some people come into our lives,

And quickly go,

Some stay for a while,

And leave foot prints in our hearts

And we are never the same.

Yet life goes on and the knowing your both together looking after each other makes the pain a little easier and of cause I will always have both of your memories to keep FOREVER more till we meet again at HEAVENS doors.............

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