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Christmas was only 7 days away would Jenny get her wish !!!!

Submitted: October 29, 2007

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Submitted: October 29, 2007




Rubbing my eyes on waking that cold frosty winter’s day, I looked out of my window still half asleep there in the front garden, and all on the trees was a bed of snow looking at me. My eyes open wide I thought it amazing, for all of this had happen overnight. I hurried got dressed in my Jumper and Jeans ran down the stairs where
A hot bowl of porridge was waiting for me, Mummy then shouted “Don’t forget to put on your boots when you go out to play” yet I was half out the door by then, I called to Trixie my dog “Come on lets Play”. I threw loads of snow balls at him, some he caught but they melted away, the others he chased but they were hidden in the white brilliant glaze.

Johnny my friend came over and between us we made an enormous Snowman, I sneaked to dads garage to find his straw hat he wore in the summer, pick up his scarf and old pipe on the floor,Johnny had dug through the snow to


find some big stones for his chest and mouth. After we dressed him we laughed so much for he looked so stupid, he was missing a nose, so I ran into Mummy “can I have a carrot I cried for the snowman we have built outside” after we placed his carrot on his face, we played and made lots of stories up about our snowman we had built that day.

Next day Mummy and Daddy took to me to town I wanted to take Trixie but Mummy said “There will be crowds of people shopping in town and Trixie might get in there way”.
We brought lots of decorations for the tree we were getting the next day for Christmas was only 7 days away.

As we drove up the road we could see loads of smoke, we approached our house is was all in flames. My dad quickly parked the car; Johnnie came running to me up the path. We stood there together glued to the spot, then in the distance we heard sirens and bells the Fireman were coming real fast.


We watched as the water pumped out of the hose damping the flames getting rid of the smoke.
Then Mummy came to me with a kiss and a hug “Trixie has now gone to the heavens above” I cried and cried so hard in mums arms, for it was not just Trixie my dog I loved we had lost, but everything we owned had gone in, the Blaze.
We had to go and stay with Aunt Jane till our new house was built where the ruins remain. Mummy I said “will Santa be able to find me on Christmas day, now we are living with Auntie Jane. “Don’t worry Jenny we will post him a letter explaining that you have temporally moved".
People had decorated there houses with Santa and Reindeers, Snowmen and all different lights, there was so many of them at night, they all lit up the sky it reminded me of a rainbow I saw once in Summer.
Next day Auntie Jane and my self drove down to the dense forest in Brook Lane, to choose our Christmas tree, there were small ones and tall ones, the one that we brought was bushy and stood 5 feet tall. After we all decorated it with lights, tinsel, shiny silver balls and bells, I had to stand on the ladder to place the shining angle that shone, down on us all,

I sat down and stared to write my letter to Santa that night.

Dear Santa

We had a big fire and I have to stay

With my Aunt Jane in Gray Lane,
In the fire I lost my small dog trxie that day
I loved him so much we played always.
Mummy and Daddy lost
Everything they had
Pictures, memories all gone up in flames,
There building a house where the ashes now lay
So I should be back there next Christmas Day.
However I would like to give you my wish,
Please bring Trixie back so I can give him one last kiss
I gave my letter to Mummy to read we went to the Post Office and sent it to Santa, I then said to Mummy “do you think Santa will get it on time for there is only 5 days, till Christmas,is here", “Don’t worry Jenny I am sure he will get it, for his elves will collect it and take it to him”.
The snow came down hard and I gathered my sleigh walked up Gray lane, to the top of the hill . I jumped on my sleigh, I went so fast I nearly fell of right in the middle,of the lane.
Christmas Day was here a last I ran down the stairs so fast was I going to see Trixie at last.

I stood in the doorway looking in to the grand lounge, saw load of presents addressed to me, but with a sigh and a cry Trixie I could not see.


Mummy came down smiling and picked me up and placed me on her knee, she gave me a huge box wrapped in Christmas paper it was addressed to me. I opened it up and inside was a note. I read
Now I’m in heaven
I can’t come to see you
I know that you loved me
For it was you, who played and cuddled me,
So I send you this BIG picture
Of you and me
To hang it on your wall
I looked at the picture and gave it a kiss, for I knew it was Trixie that I would miss, but at least I got to give him. My last.KISS.

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