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The car came from know where

Submitted: October 09, 2007

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Submitted: October 09, 2007



I sit here in the quietness of the room the minutes ticking by so slowly anticipation creeps slowly into me. I think to myself if only I had waited another 10 minutes to go out that day I remember it like it was yesterday.

I shouted to lee my son “I won’t be long just off to Sainsbury’s to do a little shopping” “Ok Mum” was his reply.

I got into my dark blue rover and proceeded to go to Sainsbury’s.

I was travelling down holy well hill at about 6.30pm in st Albans doing aprox 28 miles an hour on my way to do my shopping as I approached the bottom of the hill a green car came from know where came out of a right hand one way street the wrong way and drove straight in front of me. I braked but inevitably hit him as I did not see him till the last minute. On impact I remember being thrown forcefully forward and backwards. I was able to get out of the car and did not feel any pains till about 30-45mins later.

In shock I screamed at the other driver “what the hell were you doing” “I don’t know” came his reply”. I picked my phone out of my pocket and dialled my Brothers no “Howard I have just had an accident” “Where the hell are you and are you okay” I told him where I was “I will be there in a minute”

A young girl on the path called the police however they said “they only attended if an ambulance has been called”. I asked the young girl if she would be a witness for the accident and she gave me her name and address. Mr Bullimore and I exchanged insurance details. I phoned Liz my sister in law and she turned up just as a Police car pulled over to the side of the road. He and my brother managed to move my poor rover off the road by then Howard had said it was a right off as it had no right side as it was all crushed in.

The policeman spoke to me then crossed the road and spoke to Mr Bullimore writing notes in his book. The RAC turned up and loaded my car on to there pickup and delivered it to Liz’s house.

I then started to feel a little faint and had really bad pains in my back and left arm so Liz decided to take me to casualty at QE2 in Welwyn. After waiting 4 hours they examined me gave me some pain killers and sent me home.

It was bank Holiday weekend and my pains did not go away so on the Tues I visited my GP who sent me to Hemel Hospital where they took 7 ex-rays and three Drs looked at them. However all they decided to do was send me for phisio.

Since the accident I have had phisio therapy with St Albans hospital and the orchard private clinic in St Albans. My condition was getting a lot better with only twinges in my back and slight pains in my neck and between my shoulder blades I would say I was progressing to be about 75-80%better.

However I got a slight cold with a cough and attended the orchard clinic in November and my therapist asked me to do 10 touching the toes exercise this pulled on my ligaments on the back of my right leg I did mention this to the therapist and that night I woke up at 1.45am as the tendons in my right leg gave me server shooting pains and I could not move for at least 15mins then I managed to crawl out of bed and wake up my son who rubbed my leg. I phoned the orchard clinic and told them what had happened they

referred me to see the owner of the clinic however my sessions with them had finished and was unable to see him.

I had pains then in my lower back and a feeling of bruseness from my neck down to below my shoulder blades.

I have to rest more frequently.

I also had a feeling of numbness in my two fingers on my left hand and shooting pains down my arm sometimes plus the feeling of bruise in my left shoulder. My left hip felt like it is heavily bruised and my left and right leg tendons hurt sometimes infact I ache all over.

I had to change my car for an automatic and power steering.

I found find it difficult to get in a position to sleep (it normally took me 45 minutes to get in a position to enable me to go to sleep) and I woke up every morning with back pains they ease a little after I have been up for about half hour. I found it difficult to put socks on and can’t put tights on (so I don’t wear them)

I was put on pain killers 3 times a day I felt a little depressed at home as I was able to walk at least a half a mile with my dogs . I can’t walk them now as I can not hold the leads dogs. (They pull a little)

I still try to do the exercises I was shown however they now hurt a little.

I find when I do my housework including ironing now I have to stop and rest in between plus Gardening is out. (I was doing a little gardening 15 mins sessions but I can’t do that now)

I went to Spain last Nov and when I got off the plane after 2 hours my legs and left hip gave me a lot of pain. This also happened on the return journey.

I went to my sister’s house warming party where I had to sit most of the time.

I went out to celebrate New Year and was unable to join in with the dancing as my back ached.

I went to see my GP in December to see if she could give me something to help me to sleep at night she gave me some extra tablets to take.

Before my accident I was able to do a lot of gardening as I even landscaped it myself.

I did all my own decorating (this I have not tried yet)

I used to walk my dogs 5 times a week my sons walked them the other 2 nights.

I was a very active person always on the go.

My job is being on my feet all day talking to customers which I had no problem with plus merchandising was not a problem.

I would do all my housework on my day off washing and ironing not a problem.

(I sometimes now have to give my ironing to a friend of mine who has her own ironing business)

I used to go bowling once a week and sometimes visit my brother in Harwich not think twice about a car journey.

In April of this year I had an MIR scan (the pain I endured by laying still for 35 minutes was excruciating) I cried for an hour afterwards, but it had to be done to find out what was wrong.

Its now 17 months later lots of the back pains of gone yet I sit here with 3 slip discs in my neck find it extremely hard to use my left arm still not at work and I have the joys now of starting traction and phisio more pain.

Joys of Life!!!!!!!!


Now I say to my son each time he goes out it’s always you there are others on the road too.

(Hence my poem about CARS)

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