Tears of Blood....

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Another Depressing poem

Submitted: July 26, 2010

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Submitted: July 26, 2010



Tears of Blood

I lie in my bed every night.
Its hard because I can't sleep.
There is to much pain.
I can only weep myself to sleep.

Tears streaming down my face.
I have nothing left good in my life.
Tears are now pouring from my eyes.
Tears of my blood.

Laying on my bed alone.
Trying to make a decision.
I'm holding gun.
Is this how I want to die?

Should I just blow off my ugly face.
So no one will ever see it again.
Should I shoot my brains out?
End all these thoughts and pains.

Should I shoot my heart out?
There isn't going to be much damage.
It's already dead.
You made sure of that.
With all of what you said.

This is a hard decision.
I'm not sure what one to pick.
I'm thinking a bullet through the heart.
It couldn't hurt more than it already does.

I will see you in heaven.
If that is where I will end up.
Don't let my tears of blood,
be the same ones for you.

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