What Happened To Us

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What happened to us?

That question hangs around the place but no one dares to ask it out loud. The same air that we’re breathing seemed to have turned into a gas that’s suffocating us. Those eyes of yours which used to gaze at me so lovingly are now glaring at me with full of hate. Your arms that used to hug me back are now pushing me away and hitting me repeatedly in the chest. That hand that holds our promise of forever and that hand that I unconsciously reached as we walked together, why is it the same one who left a red mark on my right cheek as you hit me in rage? That lips of yours that use to tell me all those sweet things and ‘I love you, too’, why does curses are the only words comes out from it?  That mind that use to think alike with me, why can’t I understand what’s going inside of it?

And that heart of yours, why…


The sweet melody of our song plays on the background as the door opened and I watched as our closest friends and relatives started marching inside wearing those genuine smiles. Some looked at me and expressed their best wishes while the guys patted my shoulder and conveyed their greetings and words of encouragements as they stood next to me. Then comes those cute little pairs of boys and girls, walking along the red carpet with the girls throwing petals as they passed by. Looking at them, reminds me of our plans together in the future like how many kids we will have, how I want our future daughter to be a papa’s girl and how our future son would be the knight-in-shining armour of his sister to keep  her from getting herself hurt by those other boys and I smiled at the thought. Then comes our best man and our maid of honour yet everyone’s attention were fixed upon you standing at the door in your beautiful wedding dress. All eyes including mine were captivated at your beauty as you stepped inside and started walking down the aisle with your parents on your both sides. ‘I’m lucky to have her,’ the only thought running on mind as I gazed lovingly at you as the distance between us shortens at your every step and if only it wouldn’t be against to the tradition, I would have met you halfway. After the agonizing minute or two, I see you standing in front me with your father’s right hand patting me on my shoulder.

“Take care of my princess. Treat her more than that. Treat her as your queen, your one and only queen. As your father-in-law, it’s the only thing I want you to promise me.” Behind your veil, I can see you getting teary-eyed at you father’s words and I instinctively held your face between my fingers and kissed your forehead despite the veil separating my lips and your skin.

“I promise to be the one who’ll cry in her stead if needed.” I promised him with my eyes never leaving yours for not even for one second. Feeling contented with my reply he grasped your hand still holding his arm and gently remove it from his before gently placing it on mine and giving us a meaningful smile as he made his way to their seat with your mother.

Fast forward, and where exchanging our ‘I do’s’. I do. Those where the second most beautiful words I’ve heard following with the ‘I love you.’

“You may now kissed the bride.” As the priest pronounced, I removed your veil and saw you crying. Instinctively, I wiped your tears away and kissed both your tear-stained eyes before kissing your downturned lips. You, we, smiled as our lips touched. There weren’t any fireworks and explosions or so whatever just pure bliss as we kissed and though our guest cheered in the background, the only sound we both hear are sounds of  our hearts beating as one.



I watched as our wedding photo dropped on the floor and the frame broke as you trashed around the room, throwing everything you saw and picked. I saw you glanced at it and a look of guilt and sadness flashed in your eyes but it was instantly gone like it never been there. I just stood there and said nothing. Hoping in silence, I’ll be able to hear the words you can’t say. Hoping in silence, you’ll finally see and realize that I’m still holding onto that promise that I made with you and your father.

why does it seem to beat so indifferently with mine?

What happened to us? How badly I want to know ask it out loud and hear your answer but seems like I don’t need to. In your actions and changes, I found the truth.

Your eyes and why it’s glaring in full hatred on me, it’s because it have found someone else to turn their full attention to. Your mind, I can’t seem to understand, it seems like another man had taken the most of it spaces leaving it nowhere for you to think about me and what we have. Your heart and the reason why it’s beating so different with mine, it’s because in someone else you’ve found another rhythm to move with.

My life, my future, our marriage, our promise, our dream and us are like the wedding picture of ours on the floor – broken, shattered and beyond hope of fixing as you tell me those four most painful words to hear.

“Please, let me go.”


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Submitted: November 06, 2016

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