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These are pictures for the short story/novel snuffed-out firefly. I will be adding the pictures as that part of the story is published so check them out if you have trouble picturing with my poor describtions. I will label which 'chapter' the pictures are for.

Pictures for 'A Snuffed-out Firefly...


This is the Royal Suite Livingroom. It is also described in Day Two as the 'study'. This room is introduced in Day 1 (First Chapter) but has more of an appearance in following Days (Chapters).




\"\"This is Night 2

These are pictures for clothing (which is why this page is restricted...)

\"\"This is Night 1

This is the Royal Suite Master Bedroom. This is introduced in Day 1 (First Chapter) and has a similar appearance as the room described in Night 1 and will have more of an appearance in later days (chapters).


This is the Bathroom which is introduced in the first day (chapter). This room will make more of an appearance in later days (Chapters)

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The order of the pictures changed; sry.

Tue, September 21st, 2010 9:57pm

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