The Birth of Lost Past - Complete Chapters

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This story has two formats, COMPLETE CHAPTERS and PARTS. I tried to split my first content but that has ruined the story, so I've added this section in PARTS and the other will return to COMPLETE CHAPTERS. Please comment on which version you prefer... OH! The actual summary: This is a story about a child born to be great, but is just held back by everyone she cares about. A series of bad decisions puts both herself and her family and friends is absolute misery... surrounded by barbaric men and weak women she strives to just get through her new life and prove to everyone she'll be their saviour or their ultimate demise!

Table of Contents

A new way of living for a young exile

Submitted: January 08, 2010

Cast out from her lineage, Patricia is sent as far as they could to a world who view women as property who raise children, cook food and clean, amongst over things... With regular 'reminders' they don't like her, she finds friends in the forest and attempts to be noticed anyway possible... Read Chapter

Child's Play

Submitted: January 10, 2010

We last saw Patricia as a toddler, learning what it means to be different and the consequences, but with her father's attempt to hide her will she finally be able to live a normal life? Or will she forever be the rat the world see's her as? Read Chapter

A true warrior emerges... (Incomplete)

Submitted: January 11, 2010

Patricia, being the typical child she was, snuck into the GYM where she met Prince Xander oh and got a new sword! With a chance to prove herself Patricia quickly takes up Xander's offer, on the condition Dinah comes too... Oh and he continues to give her pretty presents! Now the battles of life begins... Read Chapter