Mystery [Mock-up scene]

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I've been thinking about writing a mystery book for a few days. This is one scene I had planned while thinking. So I wanted to share it and get your opinion. What do you think about this little
mock-up sense? Would you be interested in reading this if I did write a book?

Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



Signs begin:


Begin scene.

It was a grey, early morning. I was in my apartment working at my computer when I felt a soft hand touch my shoulder. Taking out my headphones, I looked up. It was Mercy.

"Good morning, Duke."

"Good morning."

"Would you like me to make you breakfast?"

I smiled.

"Oh, sure, if you don’t mind."

"What would you like?"

"Do we have stuff for waffles?"


"Ok. Then if you wouldn’t mind making some, that would be great."

Mercy smiled.

"Then I’ll do that."

I watched the girl make her way to the kitchen. So innocent and sweet. You wouldn’t have guessed it, but beneath her smile, blonde hair, and happy personality was a robot. I had built Mercy myself, as a companion. Everything used was top of the line. Except for the software. Which I wrote to ensure the android was the best she could be. Mercy could do almost anything but was still learning proper grammar. After breakfast, I engaged in reading by the fireplace. Which was lit as it was a cold winter’s day. The hours slipping by slowly.

"It’s me."

I glanced up from reading. Mercy was standing at the corner of the room, which was a window wall, pointing outside and slightly down.

"What do you mean?"

The android continued pointing, repeating herself.

"It’s me."

I got up to take a look.

"Where? I don’t see anything."

Mercy explained.

"There was me. I was down there."

"You mean there was another android?"


I wore a puzzled look.

"So what do you mean you were down there? Did it look like you?"


"Exactly like you?"


"Hm. Weird."

The girl explained more.

"She was looking at me. From the corner of the other apartment building down there. Sometimes hiding. When you came over she ran away."

"Very odd. That’s…weird. Mercy, would you access the internet router of our apartment and see if any new IP addresses connected to it?"

she nodded.

"Scanning now…There were no new connections."

"Huh. Can you scan some other nearby routers?"

"Scanning now…There were no new connections."

I scowled.

"That is bizarre. She must not have been online. But most androids are. Huh…"

* * *

A few days had passed since the strange doppelganger appearance. It was another gray morning. I was relaxing by playing some video games. Mercy was sorting some files on my computer when she gave a small gasp.

"Duke, there is a news article you might like. Do you want me to tell you about it?"

"I didn’t know you where browsing the web. What is it about?"

"A man went missing a few days ago. But there is no trace of him."

"Really? Go on then."

"According to the article, a man by the name of John Write went to the local upstairs pub called Night guys and gals. Some CCTV cameras saw him going. After a few hours, he came out and talked to some people who were on the second floor. Then went back in. But the cameras never saw him leaving. They watch the only entrance."

"Wait, for real? I…have no comment. But how did he leave the pub? Hmm…"

Just then Mercy looked out of the window wall and at the same please where the mysterious android had appeared.

"Duke, it’s me!"

I rushed over, managing to get a good look before the subject disappeared.

"Man, it does look exactly like you! This is starting to become really strange. That’s the second time. And with the disappearance…spooky. But I guess it could be a coincidence."

The girl interrupted my thoughts.

"Duke, you have a new email. Would you like me to read it?"

"Oh, sure. Go ahead."

"It’s an anonymous sender. No subject. It reads: “Good luck.” Signed with “MD.”"

That struck me.

"Mercy, go over to the computer please."


I stood up and walked over.

"Now, give me one of your USB access cables."

The girl turned her right palm up and opened a small hatch just past her wrist. Which contained various wires. She selected the USB wire and gave it to me.

"What are you doing?"

I plugged the cable into my computer.

"Give me just a second."

After a few seconds of changing files, I unplugged Mercy.

"Ok. Execute core instruction zero x zero A. Followed by instruction zero x A seven."

"Executing…executing successful. Duke, what is happing?"

"I don’t know for sure. Let me explain. So, think about it. A few days ago, we saw your look alike. That’s right around the same time that man goes missing. Then a few days later your doppelganger shows up again, right after you tell me about the disappearance. Then we get an anonymous email saying good luck."

"You think someone set this up? And wants us to solve the case?"

"That what it seems like."

The android had more questions.

"Why did you tell me to execute those instructions?"

"They are instructions for scrambling any recording devices nearby. I don’t want anyone hearing what we are talking about right now."

The girl nodded. Then made one more inquiry.

"Are you going to try to solve the case?"

"I guess so. I get the feeling that whoever is behind this isn’t going to give me an option…"

End scene 

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