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About: one man that had tried to get in my way and he did. He was a police officer I killed his wife so he tried to killed me, luckily he was arrested and then he escape from prison and came after
me and killed me, I'm writing this to let my wife know that I was murderer so let's begin my story.

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017








zaky: I wanted money so badly, someone said.

Dave: Can you do me a favor kill Ms mia, i will give you money.

Zaky: But how much?. dave: How much will you like?. zaky: 2,00,000$.

Dave: I have a plan (thinks) sneak kill.. lets do it tonight.

Zaky:Ok right its 5:54 time now we have to wait.

Dave:Lets talk for a bit.

Zaky: Okay fine, whats your name?.

Dave: Why are you called the killer

Zaky: I'm a assassin I"m a wanted prisoner i have killed 200 hurdred women's and men's i send murder's to new area's in american and i have a wife she doesn't know that i kill people,AND IF YOU tell her,you will be my next victim.

Dave:i won"t tell i promise! lets forget about that,Nice to meet you too whats your name?.

Zaky:Zaky Tomas people call me Killer,

Dave: Bye zaky.

Zaky:Bye dave see you at Mrs Mia's house.

Dave: see you there bye.

Zaky:Later that night we were in the house.dave There she is lets kill her.(zaky sneak kills mia) she is dead lets hide this dead body somewhere,there in the garbage can. (zaky and dave puts dead body in the garbage can)

.Zaky:Police is coming lets hide in the bushs.

Zaky: Lets be sneaking shush.there are.....going.

Dave: Thanks God we are out of those bushs.

Zaky:Where is your base?.

Dave: Get in the car. (zaky gets in the car). (dave drives zaky to his base).

Dave:Here is our base. (zaky steps in the base).

John: Hey who are you!?.

Dave: He is the new member of our crime team,his name is zaky and please lower your weapons. Zaky: Hello my name is zaky william.

Dave: He killed Ms mia.

John: How did he kill ms mia?

Dave: Now you will work with us. Welcome to the gang zaky here is your money as promised. Zaky: Thank you.

Dave: your welcome.

Zaky; 2 days with the gang. team member: i have bad news.

John: What is it.

Team member: the woman thaT zaky killed was ethan the police officer wife.all of the team members: We can handle ethan!! yes we can.

Dave:Today what were we doing?.

All of the team members:planting bombs!. dave yes we are (laughs) this is going to be so fun.lets go everyone.

Zaky: We were planting bombs. dave Do it quick before someone sees us. team members:Guys it is planted lets go. dave Nice who is our target. team members: Carver!!. dave: there he is.

Dave: 1,2,3, bomb!. dave: lets go to the base. zaky And this is how i became crime group member this want happend to me.

Police:Reporting theres a case in the china town.

Mark: Copy that going now. (ethan drives to the mia and ethan house) (Mark: steps into mia and ethan house). (mark gets the gun out). Ethan:a bloody knife must mean something. theres a cut on her neck the murder cut her neck with a knife. (founds blood on the table).Mark throwed: onto the table and then it hit her head because there blood on her head too aron.

 Aaron: Yes sir.

Mark: go to jimmy to say him to scan this knife if he found some handprints tell him to call me. (Aaron goes to jimmy). (founds blood trail).

 I should follow it. (gets the gun out) . unknown: get the gun ready!.

 Hey you!. (mark shoots the unknown leg).god damnit! my leg!.

 Why were you here its a closed place your are under arrested!. (handcuffs the unknown person). Come get in the car.

(closes the door).

 Lets interrogate this guy

.Aaron: Yes sir. (drives to the police station). (steps into the interrogation area).

okay sir why were you there huh! tell me. unknown: me i was there for weapon i swear!.

Mark: Is this your knife Yes! where did you get that?. (mark goes out from the interget area).This knife scan it with his handprints. (mark goes back in the intergate area).

Alex:Emergency everyone get there guns out crime team is coming emergency everyone there gun crime team is coming lockdown!!. mark i need to get to chief to give him some cover.

Prisoners: They are here, lets do this come on boys. (shooting). (shooting).

(mark calls jimmy).

Mark: Where is the chief?.

Jimmy:In the garden.

Mark:I'm heading there now. (close the call). (shooting).Where the hell is the handgun ammo?!. there it is (takes ammo). mark: there is the garden. mark;chief are you i will cover you.

Chief:ok. (shooting). (shooting). (shooting). (shooting).

Mark: Chief go to your house its not safe here go go. cheif:Are you sure you can handle this.  Yes i'm now go!.

Cheif is calling me?. (mark pick up the call).

Unknown: Hello mark you don,t know who i'm but i have cheif frakle he is with us but we won,t tell you where. bye safe him or let him die. (closes the call)

Prisoners: hit him. (punchs).your are coming with me where is he your boss where is he!.china town mia and ethan house.(drives to china town mia and ethan house).

Mark::I'm coming. unknown:beat him boys. (punchs). (kicks). . (groundhouse). (drops gun).

Mark:you are under arrest. (unknown stabbs mark in the stomach). (aron drives mark to the hospital).

Aron: Is he going to be fine?.

Doctor Yes.

Aron:can we take him home.

Doctor: no you can,take him you have to wait four weeks to take him.

Zaky:after four weeks.

Doctor:now you can take him lets get to work.

Mark;ok fine lets get in my base.this the eivdence that i have found.

Aaron: nice.

Jimmy:Wow you did a great job founding evidence.lets get to work.. found his name his name is zaky william age 24 working with a crime group hobby kills people has a wife her name is alice william has a boy name max william was married in when was 16 things that he want, money.

Mark: nice jimmy great evidence that you have found good job.

William baker: sir i found some evidence.

Mark: yes? what have you found?.

William: zaky will go on a meeting, date is june 24 

Mark:That is tomorrow.

jack:Sir there are planting bombs, in june23 at night area lima town hills.

Mark;We will safe both! together! we will safe both together!!.

zaky: later that night.

Mark:disarm it quick!.

Aaron:wait the red one!

Jimmy;colour of choice we are safe its disarmed.

Mark: wait how do you know that i hacked the email there was a thing called red how to cut the bomb, i clicked it nice hacking skills.

To be continuE chapter 2 




















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