good deeds have good results.

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a man with a good deed,little to mention but alot to gain inturn from GOD almighty.

Submitted: October 14, 2007

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Submitted: October 14, 2007



My dad says there was a man in a beautiful place of hunza MURTAZABAD .

he was a farmer,had gardens n many trees of apricot.but as he was poor he had no labour to help him.

he use to wake early in the morning ,he use to go to his fields.water them look after his garden n trees.

once while he was going to his field he saw line of ants going into a hole.he stoped and observed them,they were almost hundred in number ,two of them were dragging a grain of wheat.

but other ants were going here n there but found no food.he smiled n said OH lovely ants dont u worry i,ll help you in finding ur food.

on very next day he came to the same place n scattered hand full of wheat grains right infront of the hole of ants.and this became his routine .he use to feed ants on daily basis.

time passed with its full speed,man grew older and older but never forgot to feed those ants n he felt as if those ants recognize him.he use to feel eternal happiness n gratitude while feeding them.

once, in month of winter he suffered from a bad he was old ..physically very week ,he soon could not even take his step out of his bed.

he oneday called upon his son and said

"son i,m old now,may be i,ll die after a day or two but i want you to promise me one thing"

son said! anything for you dad.his father replied ;

"son there is ants colony in a corner of our field.they are like you my child.from the very first day i felt an attachment with those ants n i use to feed them daily.son after my death do continue this chain.dont break will give you internal happiness n joy.there is something spiritual in it.u,ll feel very close to nature.GOD will give you true happiness.

after that old man his dream he saw those ants praying for him and for peace of his soul. .n opened his eyes n said to his son "look dear they are praying for a pleasant journey of mine when i,m to die they are praying for peace of my they will guide my soul to heaven.i,m not afraid of death my son.those little craetures are helping me to die peacefully with a core happiness ,happiness of my soul."

he then closed his eyes for ever.


deed of that man was very little to mention but what he gained inturn was a blessing in it self.

these feelings are divine.

so we should respect even smallest creature in this world and its our duty to take care of them.cuz tthey are creation of GOD almighty.

whoever help creation of GOD he\she in turn gets alot from GOD.

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