Immortal Us

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

'We are all stardust'

Born from a Supernova

All our bodies are the same,

As molecularly-speaking,

Nothing of ourselves has changed.


No particles created

Since the universe began,

And what was dirt or tree or rock,

Now form the modern man.


Most of our mass is star dust

As we started life a star;

Our energy transforming us

Through time to what we are.


We existed before living

Some few thousand years ago

And after death, existing still,

From what the science shows.


Our conscious mind’s a blessing, but…

Have we had one before?

Aware of what we were

As water, plants and bugs and more?


Who knows, who cares, what wonders though!

To think we’re all the same.

All born a star, and here we are,

Immortal Dust renamed.

Submitted: June 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 munkiC munkiDU. All rights reserved.

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