Perception Deception

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I guess the title explains it.

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



Out in the cold

On a bench with a latte

I watch girls shop for skirts,

Boys shop for girls in skirts,

Making eyes

Making first impressions

Wanting to make out but playing it cool.


I take a sip

A sweet, sickly substance

But it warms my hands,

My fingers still cold

Pressing buttons on my phone

Facebook, update status:


Can’t wait to see my girls!

Cherry Lambrini tonight.

Get pissed, tongue red, fall into bed.



My fingers are cold. I’m cold all over.

I’m not paying attention.

The girls are flirting

Flicking hair batting lashes

Big eyes, big chests loud mouths,

The guys are lapping it up.

I get up, legs aching, take a sip

I’m getting used to the cold.

I’m getting used to the sickly stuff.


I get a glance as I go past

It’s passive

Not a good glance,

Not a lingering glance.

My fingers are cold. I’m cold all over.

Take the phone out,

Look active

Look away.

Log in.


Someone ‘liked’ my status.

One friend request

An unknown face, new name

One mutual friend. Not mine.

Must be his.


What’s on your mind?


The latte’s getting cold.

The bank tells me I’m fresh out

Out of money

Out of plans,

Out of luck.


I lean against a wall,

Play it cool

Play a game on the phone

Looks like texting.

I take a sip,

A sweet, sickly substance

An enticing lie on a blackboard,

Less exiting on the tongue.


I watch guys with girls

And girls with skirts walk by,

My own legs aching,

I’m getting used to the cold.

I walk off

Get a glance as I go past

It’s not a good glance,

But neither is the coffee.

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