the inspirational girl

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Submitted: April 15, 2016

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Submitted: April 15, 2016



The Inspirational Girl

This was a long ago story which happened in my neighborhood. when i was 12 there was a girl living beside my house. she was so pretty and wise and was the elder one of her two young sisters. Every single day we met she used to talk about studies and development of her family. she was so deterministic with her decisions and always dreamt of becoming a great IAS officer to serve the nation. Her father was a daily wage earner and her mother was house wife. their family was so poor which made her to study effortlessly to change the future of her family. Everyday she used to spend a lot of time only on studies when the kids at her age used to play more. There were so many parents in the colony who used to treat her as an inspiration for their kids. Even in my own house my mom used to say me that i should study like her, I should behave like her. Every thing was like a copy cat for me from her. But even though i used to have my own way to follow. She used to live a happy life with her family with the available resources and concentrating on her way of success.


But suddenly there come the problems in her family, her father felled ill and her mother used to find work to earn money. sometimes even this girl used to go to work instead of school and used to read again in the night hours without loosing dedication. but the level of problems were same without any change and day to day it used to increase. Like someone said "If you need to be successful in life then you need to pass through the tough times". then only you can taste the success. So there comes another big problem for their family, when she was moving with her family to treat her father to another place they met with the dangerous accident. some truck came from the wrong route and hit them badly. they were already in debuts to pay and this incident made her to loose strength and confidence in her. but however she fought back and scored good marks in her SSC with more than 90% which paved a way to get a free seat in corporate colleges. But the bad time never left them. the people who gave them debts surrounded their family and criticized them for not repaying the money. This incident led to a tragedic moment  which i cannot forget in my entire life.



That day when every one left the house for work she was only staying at the house as her two little sisters were sent to their relatives house. I met her in the morning she was completely mood off and was crying that she could not sustain even more. I just said everything will set right with in a few days as i was unable to talk much looking at her condition. But i could not even dream that it will be the last moment that i will see her. It was completely out of my mind even i didnt expected the upcoming situation. That day evening when I again went to her house to meet her she was hanging to a fan. Oh my god she committed suicide. I was completely out of my mind and i could not shout so that someone can hear and come to help. I ran to the next house and called the tenant to help me but it was late she was already dead. That day even i could not sleep thinking myself that she was a brave girl with lot of intelligence but ended her life without achieving her dreams.  I was like thinking is it the life what means really? killing ourselfs to run away from the problems. I was completely disturbed by seeing that incident but I am lucky that my father always used to advice me how to face the problems and if we fail to do so its not the end because still we will have another ways to figure it out. these words used to really inspire me and made me to stay strong even now. but it was completely unforgettable moment for me seeing my close friend in that position. I still remember her and i learned one thing from her that 'Hard work never fails you'. I miss her so much every single morning and every single evening which i used to be with her when i was a kid. I hope where ever she is she must be happy and her soul should rest in peace.

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