Chaos Fighters: Chemical Warriors-KIMIA

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Potassium Iodide...just some sort of chemicals usually used as additive in table salt for most people. But somewhere, it is a powerful laser enhancer. Smuggling of the chemical is rampant and it's up to the warriors to stop them....

A Web Series Writing Month 2010 entry

Table of Contents

Chapter 0-It Starts....

Submitted: September 02, 2012

Potassium Iodide...just some sort of chemicals usually used as additive in table salt for most people. But somewhere, it is a powerful laser enhancer. Smuggling of the chemical is rampant and it's up to the warriors to stop them.... Read Chapter

Chapter 1-Battle In Front

Submitted: September 03, 2012

“Yep. Let’s see how much of the rumors is true!” Yotta rushed towards him and sounds of weapon clashing was heard. The ruby wand’... Read Chapter

Chapter 2-Trouble

Submitted: September 04, 2012

Zetta fall onto the ground, temporarily lose his senses. His shocked look was unchanged. Yotta quickly took out her halberd and dashed to... Read Chapter

Chapter 3-Being Surrounded Is Insufficient Part One

Submitted: September 05, 2012

While they are on their way while it was quite far away and it was around afternoon, a man wearing green painted armor which covered his ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4-Being Surrounded Is Insufficient Part Two

Submitted: September 06, 2012

“What? Even this can’t even defeat you?” A hemisphere barrier appeared surrounding him and blocked the attack from Exa. The attack ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5-It’s Far Away

Submitted: September 07, 2012

“You shall not even reaching the village!” He started his attack by mounting two arm gatling machineguns into his arm and fired shots... Read Chapter

Chapter 6-Journey of Apparent Endlessness

Submitted: September 09, 2012

After having naps for 4 hours, the sun was set and they continued rushing towards Gasquin. The moonlight was illuminating the ground. The... Read Chapter

Chapter 7-It’s Time To Rest For The Night

Submitted: September 10, 2012

The time was 2200. The night was still shining with the moonlight illuminating the plains. Knowing of future encounters, they drank some ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8-Dawn of Fights

Submitted: September 11, 2012

The time was 0800. Sun was rising in the sky already. The heat from the sun was intense, but it was still under control as it could not d... Read Chapter

Chapter 9-It is Attrition After All

Submitted: September 13, 2012

The sun was still high in the sky, but the oddly strong winds has cooled down the heat on their skin. Their will was getting higher and h... Read Chapter

Chapter 10-Until When We Have To Fight

Submitted: September 14, 2012

It was 1200. The sun was very high in the sky. The heat from the sunlight seemed not to be negated by the wind blowing in the air. Wonder... Read Chapter

Chapter 11-We Are Approaching Our Goals

Submitted: September 15, 2012

It was1400. They were getting nearer and nearer to Gasquin village. Their grips on their weapons are strong. The heat from the sunlight w... Read Chapter

Chapter 12-The Blockade of Guard

Submitted: September 16, 2012

It was 1700. The sun was lower in the sky but yet to set. They saw Gasquin village in front of them. It was surrounded with pine wood fen... Read Chapter

Chapter 13-Underground Raid Part One

Submitted: September 18, 2012

It was 2100. Around 20 people gathered in front of the house where the entrance to the jail was. The man with blue beard stood on the ent... Read Chapter

Chapter 14-Underground Raid Part Two

Submitted: September 18, 2012

After 20 minutes, floor B2 was cleared, but people were slowly moving down the stairs, seemed to be fending off something large or strong... Read Chapter

Chapter 15-Underground Raid Part Three

Submitted: September 22, 2012

“Reinforcements, huh. I guess it’s time for this,” A woman wielding a IP square gihefra was seen torturing the defenseless people o... Read Chapter

Chapter 16-What Is Actually Happening

Submitted: September 21, 2012

The next morning, everyone gathers inside the house above the jail. The ones remaining are Zetta, Yotta, Exa, Peta, Fermi and the man wit... Read Chapter

Chapter 17-Time Is Ticking Part 1A

Submitted: September 22, 2012

20 minutes prior to the blowing of the entrances, somewhere northeast of the upper entrance, Tera and Giga were sneaking around a third e... Read Chapter

Chapter 18-Time Is Ticking Part 1B

Submitted: September 22, 2012

After a few minutes of running along the secret tunnel, a man wearing platinum layered plate armor appeared in front of them. His potassi... Read Chapter

Chapter 19-Time is Ticking Part 2A

Submitted: September 22, 2012

At the meantime, at floor B2, the guards there were still easy to defeat, despite some sneak attacks out of nowhere were launched on them... Read Chapter

Chapter 20-Time is Ticking Part 2B

Submitted: September 22, 2012

At the meantime, at the secret tunnel, another guard blocked their way. The guard this time was wearing some sort of military uniform, co... Read Chapter

Chapter 21-Time Is Ticking Part 3A

Submitted: September 22, 2012

At floor B3, the tunnels were narrower than usual as there were lots of research labs filling the area. Scientists and mages were researc... Read Chapter

Chapter 22-Time is Ticking Part 3B

Submitted: September 23, 2012

At the meantime, down the tunnel which leads to the weapon directly, “I have a bad feeling about this. They seemed to be trying to fo... Read Chapter

Chapter 23-Time Is Ticking Part 4A

Submitted: September 24, 2012

After 10 minutes of rushing, the lab where the weapon was stored was finally in front of their eyes, at the left side of the tunnel. The ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24-Time Is Ticking Part 4B

Submitted: September 25, 2012

20 minutes before the cannon was fired, Zetta and the others were still rushing in the secret tunnel. A small faint light was seen at the... Read Chapter

Chapter 25-Time is Ticking Part 4C

Submitted: September 26, 2012

At the unused tunnel where the armored knight from the jail was rushing inside, 20 minutes before the weapon was fired, “Are you sure... Read Chapter

Chapter 26-Emergency

Submitted: September 26, 2012

After 10 minutes of rushing in the tunnel Bar and Calorie want before, they were suddenly teleported to a room inside the presidential of... Read Chapter

Chapter 27-The Capital Defense

Submitted: September 28, 2012

Exa continued operating the blaster for a few minutes for fine tuning. Then, he stood up and the cannon moved itself to align itself with... Read Chapter

Chapter 28-There is A Turn Away

Submitted: September 28, 2012

tunnel of the laboratory. There was no resistance from anyone despite security magic circles were deployed on the ceiling, perhaps Ounce ... Read Chapter

Chapter 29-The Final Showdown

Submitted: September 30, 2012

Zetta used long range teleportation to teleport himself into the secret laboratory, only to see a man wearing white artificial leather su... Read Chapter