A Young Boy's Life Touched By Leukemia Twice

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This is about a young boy whom I really care about. He is like a little brother to me. So far, we need help raising money for his transplant and I turned to the writing community here for help. IF YOU CAN HELP: PLEASE EMAIL ME RIGHT AWAY. WE NEED HELP TO RAISE MONEY FOR TURNER. EMAIL ME AT Lala_902@hotmail.com. WE WILL ALL GLADLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE US. PLEASE STATE HOW YOU CAN HELP IN THE EMAIL, INCLUDE ANY INFORMATION I WOULD NEED IN ADVANCE AND BLESS ANYONE WHO HELPS.

Submitted: January 23, 2007

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Submitted: January 23, 2007



A Young Boy Touched By Leukemia Twice


Turner is a boy of the age of nine living with Leukemia, and the form of Leukemia he has is "favorable". Meaning that the form he has is not rare but still as deadly. So far, he has went through Leukemia once and well, it came back again. For the second time, Turner is fighting Leukemia. This time, he needs a bone marrow transplant.

Turner's Leukemia is call Acute Lymthphoblastic or "ALL" and like any other form of Leukemia, is deadly. When Turner was about 4 1/2 to 5 years of age, he got Leukemia. For the first time around, Turner had three years of treatment of kemo thereapy. Turner stayed in remission within the first two weeks of his cancer's appearance. He stayed in remission for 3 1/2 nearly 4 years. The second time, since he needed bone marrow, the matches are usually 6/10 or 5/10. Turner got extremmely lucly for his march for bone marrow was 10/10. That is a perfect match, and the match is a complete stranger. The second time his Leukemia hit, it started mainly in the central nervous system. The cancer spread into his brain after it hit the central nervous system. This took awhile to show but when the doctors saw it, they decided on a bone marrow transplant. After the transplant, Turner would have to stay in isolation for a whole year. That means no contact to the outside world unless on the internet or on the phone.

Turner's family and social life was affected heavily. The family can not go out to diner or see movies because it is too risky. Turner cannot be even ten minutes away from the hospital now. Turner cannot go to school since sickness is everywhere. If someone in his family gets sick, they must isolate theirselves from everyone so they do not jeoparadize his life. Any form of sickness is taken seriously. If Turner gets a slight fever he must be rushed to the hospital. After the marrow transplant, Turner will have to spend a year in isolation. No going outside for his immune system will be like a baby's. Since the marrow may change his blood type, he will have to get all his shots again. The family has suffered since the baby of the family is in such martyrdom.

With the issue of money for the transplant, we need help to raise it. Turner's father is a local of the town and is middle classed. But, he has no funding for housing, no money to help with the apartment he will have to rent next to the hospital in case Turner needs to be rushed there. The total cost of the marrow transplant is $600,000 and will soon be well over $1 million. Since his insurance only covers $1 million, the family needs help to raise some money for all the medication and doctor visit costs. So far they are having fundraisers and doing everything possible to raise this money. We are looking for other ways to raise this money so Turner can get better soon.

Turner deserves to live life like everyone else, to the fullest. Everyone that knows Turner is trying to help him in every way they can. Even though you may not know him, will you find a place in your heart to help him? Will you help us raise enough money to help Turner get the transplant and pay for all the medical and doctor bills? We are turning to the public of this country and others to help us in any way they can. Any help is appreciated. If you are willing to help, please contact me by email at Lala_902@hotmail.com. Any help for this cause is greatly appreciated.

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