Cold Hearted Person

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"He was beautiful and a cold hearted person."

Cold Hearted Person
By Taylar Fernandini
I only thought love was for fools, funny how things like this work. Once in love, people do not act like themselves, they seem to change themselves for that significant other. I was the fool in this situation... I feel for him and in the end, it was not a fairy tale like I saw it to be.
~Two Years Ago~
The echo in the distance from the middle school's bell ringed. Children and teenagers were walking home or going to hang out with their friends. 'A typical Friday' I thought to myself. Who would of knew this day was not like the rest? I walked along the path that was covered in bright colours, the leaves from the trees. Autumn was a beautiful month but somehow, it was also a depressing one. My friend just moved recently, she was always bright and cheerful. I felt alone now, she was the only friend I really had here... I moved here to Seattle from Tokyo. Big change for me... I went from neon lights to a dull and rainy city. When my friend was still here, she always told me that there was one person, one guy that always watched me with 'interest'. She said that he was one of the most popular exchange students from Japan. I found it creepy when she told me that, but now, I can see it when I accidently glance over. He had short, beautiful black hair that was always neat and tiddy. His eyes as brown as bark on a tree and his skin, the fairest colour I have ever seen. He was beatuiful, and a cold hearted person.
I walked along the path that was covered in snow. School was out due to a 'snow day'. So today, I thought I would explore downtown Seattle in the snow. My parents were at work so I really did not have to tell them. My scarf was wrapped around my neck tightly but not too extrememly tight and my snow coat was zipped up. It was cold here but I have to learn to live with it. As I walked the lonley path, I kept my head bowed, trying not to make any eye contact with people who walked here... I walked down a street leading to the pier's then I accidently bumped into someone. "Sorry." I muttered as I kept walking. Suddenly someone grabbed my arm and in a warm and cheerful voice someone said my name... "Mizuiki." I turned around and saw him, the popular student from Japan Akio. "Konichiwa Akio." I said while bowing slightly. Akio bowed back and his friends laughed to themselves. "What are you doing down here alone? Downtown Seattle is dangerous sometimes you know. How about you come with us!" Akio said in a cheerful tone of voice. I smiled softly and nodded, accepting his invitation. Akio smiled and put his arm around me then started to walk with his pack again. They were all talking happily about significant others yet Akio said nothing about a significant other. Akio suddenly spotted something that caught his attention. "Hey guys, I am going to get some coffee with Mizuki! I will see you tomorrow!" Akio said while walking with me towards the "Starbucks". His group of friends smiled and waved farewell then kept walking. We got inside "Starbucks" and took our snow coats off. It was warm inside of here. "Wait here for a while. I will get you something I know you will love." Akio said with a smile, going to the registar. I sat down at the table and looked out the window. I noticed all the couples holding eachother, keeping eachother warm. I stared out at the bay which was beautiful at this time of year. Suddenly, Akio came back with two small bags and two medium sized cups of coffee. Akio smiled and handed me one small bag and a coffee.
"Try to coffee Mizuki. Its real good." Akio said while smiling brightly. I took a sip of the coffee and tasted pumpkin with a unique spice to it. "Its called a Pumpkin Spice Latte. And the cookie is real good. Just a regular mollases cookie." Akio said with a wide yet cute smile. I smiled and continued to sip on the latte. Once we finished our cookies, Akio got up and said that the latte will keep us warm as we walk around. As we started to walk outside, Akio brushed a strand of my hair out of my face. I blushed sightly and made sure he could not see it. He laughed and the snow started to fall again... That was our first date...
~Five Months Later~
"How can you just disappear like that?! You had me worried sick about you!" Akio yelled at me, holding me tightly. I could not help but to break down in tears. "I had to... I was thrown out of my house and had no where to go! I did not mean to worry you so much..." I sobbed. Akio held me close and sighed. "I am going back to Japan Akio... I hope that you can find someone better." I said, sobbing softly. He looked at me and got a concered look on his face. "You know me Mizuki. Without your love I am dead..." Akio said. "I am a cold hearted person... I always need somone to warm me up..." That was the last thing he said to me before kissing me one last time and leaving...
~A Year Later~
Seattle again... Last time I talked to Akio he was at the college here... I wonder how he is doing... I walk to the college and go up to the secretary. "I am looking for Akio Yatawa." I said softly. She looked at me and sighed. "Akio died four months ago... He was hit by a drunk driver while walking here... I will take you to the cemetary." She said while grabbing her purse. Once I was at the cemetary she bid me a farewell and said "Have a nice chat with Akio." I fell to my knees in front of the head stone, tears running down my cheeks. "Why could I not be strong enough to stay here and warm you up? Why did I have to leave? Why?" I sobbed. "Why could I not be here to warm you up?"

Submitted: September 26, 2007

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wow, nezumi. This is nicely written. It is pretty sad, too. Very nice ^^ I like it!

Fri, September 28th, 2007 12:48am


Yeah, that was the point. Lol. Sadness ensured. Umm, glad you liked it. ^^ I was hoping people would. ^^

Thu, September 27th, 2007 7:13pm

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