Gone From You

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A poem about how I cannot take any more. Again, mainly to my father.

Submitted: January 15, 2007

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Submitted: January 15, 2007



Here I stand,
Here I stand waiting.
Memories of you erase,
I soon am alone.
You are gone from my life.

There will be no more names,
Appalling beast,
Loathsome creature.

There will be no more put dows,
Never succed in life,
Become a whore,
Sell my body for money.

Why did you not leave earlier?
I know why you say those things,
Because you know I will not,
I am not going to sell my body.
I am going to try to be successful.

There will be no more yelling,
From bad grades,
What sin I commited recently,
My love life.

Now that you are gone,
I can finally live life to the fullest.
You said you want me to be happy,
Yet you take away the one I love.
That is depression you bring,
Not happiness.

I am glad I am from you,
I cannot stand you any longer.
So I guess I can just rejoice,
Count my blessings.
And smile that I am gone from you.

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