Love, Is It For Me?

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I keep wondering if love is for me. I think I know the answer...

Submitted: March 01, 2007

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Submitted: March 01, 2007



I know how people say that love is there,
Sometimes I wonder if I can love...
I feel like love is something unpredictable.
I wish I knew what was going to happen with my love life,
That is something that will be a surprise.

I found someone I care about,
But I always wonder if it will work out.
I know I am young,
An age of fourteen.
Some say it is too young to love,
I say different.
Nothing anyone can do would make me stop loving him.
I always have feelings for him,
He says the same.
I just hope this one works out.

Is it for me?
That is a question repeating in my mind.
Always there,
Making me think about it.
I just want an answer...
So my mind can rest for once,
And so I can find peace in my thoughts.

I see him as someone wonderful,
I cannot explain it in words.
This emotion is to great for words,
I cannot even draw a picture.
And everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words...
I just care that much for him.

That question,
I dare not ask myself when talking to him,
When around him.
Alone is when it asks me,
In the darkness it feels safe.
I sometimes fear the dark.
Other times I welcome it,
Like I welcome love to my soul.

My love,
The one whom really cares for me,
He is always in my heart.
But is love for this soul?
One soul which is always hurt?
Not known to love?
Why did I find such a great person,
Yet not know what to really do?
He seems to know what to do in a sense,
For crying out loud,
He was my first kiss.

I share many moments with him,
I wish he could find someone better.
But he tells me I am someone he would kill himself over.
He seems to care about me a lot.
He said that loosing me would mean loosing reality.
I never made sense out of it,
Maybe someone might answer that.
What does loosing me have in common with loosing reality?

Love is complicated,
I do not know if it is pure.
I love him so much,
Nothing could measure.
I hope this is pure love,
I never want to lose him...

Love, is it for me?

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