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This is about my inspirations

Submitted: January 15, 2007

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Submitted: January 15, 2007



He always is there for me,
Through the rough times,
Through the easy times.
Always there for me.

When I am down,
He cheers me up.
If I am hurt,
He helps me get better.
He always knows the right things to say.

He gave me a reason to live,
A reason to get out of bed
And try my best everyday.
He gave me inspiration.

Though he may not know,
He has helped me with his love.
I am passing in school,
As before I did not give a care.
He let me live,
If he was not here,
I would be long gone.

All I can say about him is that he is wonderful,
Always there,
And truthful.
I can also confess that I really do love him.

Without him,
My inspiration is gone.
Without him,
I am gone.

He completes me,
Makes me whole.
His warm bright smile,
Welcoming eyes...
That always tells me he cares.

He is my inspiration,
Without him I would be nothing,
He always tells me I am something.

When it comes to my career choice,
At first he was confused,
Wondered why I would want to become a writer.
Then he read many of my pieces.
He tells me that I am a great writer.
That helps me keep going.

He always seems to say the right things,
Makes me laugh when I am sad,
Always seems to get me through everything.

He is my inspiration,
The reason why I write,
The reason why I try,
The reason why I am alive.

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