My Jorge

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This is for my Jorge, my boyfriend. He wrote to me, and well, I have been trying to write for him for so long now. I finally finished it.
So, I am gonna post it here because I usually do.

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



There used to be a time,
In which I had the attitude of "Fuck you all."
I was not the happiest person around,
The relationship I was in made things worse.
Dead inside,
Not wanting to get up anymore.
Things got worse and worse as time went on.


Leaving him was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
But I know one that tops even that,
Maybe even two.
The first,
I took the chance and randomly found you.
I accepted your offer of going out once we went on a couple of dates.


But, things changed before the offer of going out.
I finally found someone not afraid to be himself.
Someone that did not just ask what kind of body I have,
Sincerity and honesty.
Your quirkiness drew me in,
How I found you?
Luck is what I am calling it.


You are my shining light in all that is bad,
The first real person I have encountered.
It is hard to find what I have,
And hard to trust someone like I do you.
Especially with a past of broken trust...
You are different,
And I love that.


You turned me around.
My moods are better,
I have a reason to live.
And that is you,
My Jorge.
Mine, all mine.
No one else's...
And yes,
I am going to be territorial when it comes around.


My only wish is to make you stay happy,
And for it to last till death.
You are my reason,
My happiness,
My everything.

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