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My feelings towards the war, the world, and some of the inhabitants. But I am not saying any names.

Submitted: January 15, 2007

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Submitted: January 15, 2007



The Iraqi War against terrorism,
To me that is a cover up.
They went in searching for WOMD's
But they did not find any.
This war to me is pointless,
I think many of people could still be alive,
But instead we kill off many soldiers.

I understand what this war is about,
I do not try to say anything bad,
This is my opinion.
I just say this war is wrong,
The USA caused a civil war over in Iraq,
And we just watch and send more soldiers there.
When will this end?

My view on this world is something that may be difficult to understand,
I see it as corrupt,
Even though some countries are getting there.
I should not say anymore about this subject,
For I cause enough controversy already.

As for the inhabitants of this planet...
We have our darker minded ones,
We have our lighter minded ones,
And the ones in between.
As for people,
I tend not to say too much.
I do not want to wage a war between me and someone else.

That is my view on the war mainly,
I think the world is corrupt,
And the people living on it are brain washed.
But remember,
I have no view on the people.

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