Perfection to One Another

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There are times you feel broken and disgusting to others. And there is always that one person who disagrees and thinks you are the most amazing person on the planet.

Submitted: November 22, 2009

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Submitted: November 22, 2009



Perfection to One Another

Looking in the mirror,

She realizes all the flaws,
All mistakes in herself.

The beauty flaws,

Her mind telling her five different things,
All at once.

She realizes she is not beautiful,

Nor will she ever be.


The mascara running down her cheeks,
Lipstick whipped off her mouth,
Spreading to her checks.

Tainting that pale skin with red.

Her eyes full of tears,

Not wanting to think of all the small flaws.


Put out the candle,

Let the dark creep in around her.

Feel that loneliness,

That eternal emptiness,

All that crying.

Never loved.


This spirit longing for her touch,

That one spirit only wanting her to be there.

That tainted girl,
The one he loves.

That tainted girl,

The one he lusts for.

Oh spirit,
Call out to her once more!


All alone in that room,

Knees up to her chest,

Staring at the beautiful hunters moon,

Wishing upon stars,

Knowing nothing will ever come true.

He steps into her realm,

Making sure he is not seen,

Watching her fragile figure move,

Her pale skin light up in the light of the moon.


He hides in the shadows,
Afraid to approach her,
Wanting to just touch her perfect skin.

She turns around,
Feeling his presence.
They seem frozen in time,
Not sure what to say.

Not sure what to do.

She gets up,

Walks towards him.

Never has she seen such perfection,
Never has she felt so attracted to someone in her life.

She has never felt that heart flutter ever.


He reaches out to her,
Takes her hand and smiles.

He knows this is what he should have done,
Since day one.

I have found it.”
He whispers to her,

Touching her soft and supple skin.

She turns away,
He smiles and turns her head back.

He plants a small kiss on her lips,

Stroking her soft hair,

And she falls weak in his arms.


Love knows no boundaries,

Love is two people who are just for one another.

Love is what we have.

You are my Squall,
And I your Rinoa.

Forever and ever,
And ever forever.
I shall be by your side.
As that fragile moon-lit girl.
And you that silent suitor,
Who were just perfect for one another.

And know they were meant to be,

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