Realization of Oneself

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Just, lately, I have not been writing due to many self realizations I have gone through. So here is my two bits that I have been going through.

Submitted: May 31, 2009

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Submitted: May 31, 2009



To some,

I am just a toy.
To others,

A so called “valued” friend,

And then tossed aside soon after.

People are cruel,

And nothing is going to change that about some.
It is just human nature.

I thought I found someone that was worth my time,

Until I found out what he really was.

Quite frankly,

I do not like the idea of being some teenaged mother.
And I do not want to have children anyways.

So why stick around so he thinks I am that kind of person?
I am not a whore like he likes to think I am.

School is all the same,

A load of bull really.

Almost done with all my junior year,

And kind of wondering what the hell I am doing with myself.

My writing is taking a downward turn,
I wish I could get back into the flow of creativity.

I feel like I am doing something when writing,

I feel like I am actually doing something with my life.

Music is no longer my safe haven,

Neither is writing my emotions down.
This is going to ruin me more than help me,

And I know this.

But I must keep writing,
And do what I love most.

The realization of everything that has happened in the last few days,
I wish some things would just change

And become better for myself and others.


The world is just a cruel place that cruel people live on,
For ever and ever.
Until I find the meaning of life
And a place for myself
These kind of realizations are going to haunt me.
Forever and ever and ever forever

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