Softly Dying

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Softly dying from the inside.

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007



I feel dead,
Always cold,
Nothing really making me feel warm anymore.

I always want to peer into the future,
But like always,
I am unable to.
I guess I am supposed to be surprised.

I am always softly dying inside,
Nothing can save me.
It is as bad as my heart being torn out from my body.
I can only die without being saved.

My body seems to be perfect,
But inside I am decaying.
Perfection always ends up in ugly results.

I seem to be fine,
But inside I hurt.
I hurt so much that I know pain too well,
I can now not show it.
I am now emotionless.

I try to be happy,
I hide behind a fake smile,
Never to really be revealed.
I tend to always just be fake.

I will always hide behind this smile,
Some things can make me internally happy,
But I can not show it.
I try to show them with actions.

Nothing hurts more than not being able to show emotions,
I guess it is God's cruel trick on me.
There is nothing anyone could do,
Unless they could tell God himself to help me.

Preying for me is useless,
I have tried many of times.
I wonder if it only helps in some occassions,
But why would I not be the one helped?

I want to know how to love,
How to show emotion,
And how to be happy.
But that is too much to ask of this world,
Seeing that many people are very vein.

So I am just going to keep softly dying,
Nothing I can do,
Nothing you could do.
I always was dying on the inside.
Always softly dying but on the inside...

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