Lathila is a girl who grew up abused and loved the Vampiric ways. She lays outside when her parents and older sister are fighting. A vampire out of no where shows up and tells her of the killing of her family just then. After that, she is the first lady vampire known to anyone.

Table of Contents

Past Lives

Latilia seems to be a plain and simple girl. But once her dad kills her family and she kills him, everything changes around. Her demonic, vampiric, and elven ways combine in the most outstanding way as she learns what she is. Read Chapter

The Vampiric Clan

Lathilia meets the vampiric clan and some whom do not accept her learn to respect her. The ways of her demonic, elven, and vampiricness(sorry if that is not a word)come out and they teach her things she needs to know to get her kingdom back. Read Chapter

Sorrow of an Elder

The elders have a new sorrow and a mysterious past. Lathilia is back and finds out a gruesome past. Read Chapter

The Forest

Now that Lathilia and the others left the cave, can they endure the long way to the demon castle? Will all of them see Lathilia in reign once again? Read Chapter

Into The Past, And More Forest

Now that Lathilia found her real brother, will she be able to find her way out of the forest? Read Chapter

Out of the Forest

Lathilia and the others are sure the forest is coming to an end. Sooner or later they will run into a different setting and different creatures. And Nantuks is pronunced Nam-Tucks, not Nan-Tooks Read Chapter

Desert Of Lost Hopes

The forest looks very tempting to go back to after Lathilia and the others run into this desert. A creature so foul that feasts on human flesh dwells in the heart of it. Will the creatures be vanquished or will they narrowly escape them? Read Chapter

The Flesh Eaters

Lathilia and the others finally find the myterious flesh eaters. Read Chapter

The Town

Lathilia finds the town and stays there forgeting about the others. Once she see's them, she grabs her stuff and leaves as soon as possible. Will they catch up to her or not? Read Chapter


Lathilia suddenly has flashbacks upon the city and wants to remember why she was one attacking it and why it smote ruins when they did nothing to them. Read Chapter

The Meeting With Hedryle

Now that they are on there way since Lathilia is pretty damned determined, who knows what will happen next. The German speaking creatures also come back and take a demon. And I do not have anything against Germans.... Read Chapter

A Straight Path to The Demon Kingdom

Lathilia and the others are now on a straight path to the kingdom they are longing to reach. By the way, this is my first attempt at a better structure. And a queeral is like a chipmonk but has bunny ears. ^_^ Read Chapter

The Kingdom of Demon's and Other Surprises

Lathilia and the others finally find an entrance into the castle but an unknown danger slumbers deep down beaneath the castle. Demons are affraid of it and no one goes down there. Will they come out victorious or will they end up dying?

(Note: Higloff, a creature with blood red eyes, pale skinm long sharp claws, jagged teeth, human like form, that uses magik (usually black magik) and weapons (mace) that hides it's face but you can see a mouth, eyes, and a slight nose, and is usually 2 - 4 times bigger than the average six foot male and are always male creatures.) Read Chapter

Lathilia's Secret Band of Followers

Lathilia mets her secret band of followers in an underground cave. Read Chapter

The Oath to Lathilia

The oath to Lathilia is true and the battle is about to begin. Read Chapter

A Bloody Start For Lathilia

Now that the fellowship is broken into two seprate groups, this chapter is following Lathilia and the demon's who are tryin Read Chapter

Finding The Cure

The second part of the fellowship are finally getting to the cure and helping Lathilia out. Read Chapter

The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall

The pet Lathilia owns soon finds its own doom. Like they say, bigger they are the harder they fall. Read Chapter

A Win And A Loss At The Same Time

It is a win and a loss for Lathilia at the same time... Read Chapter


Now that some are gone, what is there to do? Read Chapter