Trying To Understand

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How can I explain this? Hmm, well, I am trying to understand the true relationship between me and my ex whom I still love with all my heart.

Submitted: February 10, 2007

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Submitted: February 10, 2007



I try to understand,
Is there something still between us?
There is a connection,
I still know it exists.
I can tell by the way you talk to me.
How you accidently say you love me,
Then get red in the face because we are not together.

I know how it feels,
You know I still love you.
I reply to you even when you feel a bit akward.
There are many things I think you do not know,
One of those are that I am waiting for another chance with you,
That I love you with all my heart,
And that I never wanted to let you go.

You said I should be vein,
And said that I should of never let you leave.
I never see things for myself.
All I know is that I want you happy,
Even if that means making me sad.
I only want you to live,
Better then I have my whole life.
That is what makes me happy.

I am trying to understand this,
Why my feelings never changed for you.
I am trying to understand us,
And why we still say we love eachother,
Even when we are not together.

Why is this so difficult?
Am I to blame for the whole relationship ending?
Was it because I am too far away?
I wish I could know why.
I am trying to understand what I did wrong.
And how I can fix it.

I want to understand all this confusing text,
Why I love you,
But at the same time...
Feel akward telling you the truth.
I want to understand my feelings,
And why those betraying tears fall.
All I want to do is understand everything that happened.

I still love you,
No matter what happens,
You know I am waiting for you.
I do not care if you say I should not.
You are still my life.
Something I cannot get over.
What ever you want to call it.
All this is true.

I just want to understand why,
What made you do this to us?
Was it another girl?
Was it just me and my personality?
I just want to understand all this text I just wrote,
And why I wrote it.
Help me understand,
Simple and plain,
Just make me understand...

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