The Krisswallian

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts

Lieutenant Seryl, a Krisswallian, is in the mind of a human female, Crystal, researching human physiology and psychology for a way to merge their DNA's and prevent the extinction of the Krisswallian race from a deadly disease.

His Life Rests in Her Hands...

Table of Contents


  Located in the Januvian Galaxy, 65 thousand light years away from earth (about 65 years of travel), Krisswall... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

“Where am I?” Crystal said waking up in a dark metallic room. Last thing she remembers is walking at two in the morning in Central ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Crystal sat up on the bed and grabbed her cellphone sitting on the nightstand to the right of her bed. She turned the screen on and loo... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Crystal woke up at 6 am the next day,What am I going to do? Professor Flores is going to accuse me of cheating and I’m going to get e... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

It’s Saturday morning and Crystal has been up since 5 in the morning. She is anxious about her date with Dillan later tonight, and co... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

The cab was stuck in traffic for about 15 minutes, “Just my luck, maybe this is a sign not to get involved with him,” Crystal thoug... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Crystal was sitting in class, her mind wandering, thinking about her date with Dillan. Though it might have started late and it seemed ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

“What happened?” Crystal said as she started waking up. She found herself laying on her bed, still dressed ready for her date with ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Crystal woke up at noon, she had something to eat and then left to go see Christina at her place.. As she got to Christina’s apartmen... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

It was 3 in the morning when both Crystal and Christina fell asleep. Two hours later Crystal woke up to a noise outside her bedroom windo... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

  Crystal was sitting at her apartment flipping through channels bored. Christina had to go after getting a call from her brot... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Dillan got to Crystal’s apartment at around 8:00PM after getting out of work. He knocked on the door and after about 10 minutes of no... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Crystal had woken up early to meet with Christina before school started. She waited in front of the school for Christina for about 20 m... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

  Seryl was sitting in the middle of the cell trying to think of a way to get out of this cell. Though he knew it was useless ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

BEEP BEEP, a tone started beeping on the console. Jewel walked up to the console and pressed the answer button, “This is Kenia,” sh... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

As the guards dragged Crystal into the room, she started fighting them off thinking they were planning on taking advantage of her. “Let... Read Chapter