Schubert's Serenade

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A tragic confession of love between a man and his unsuspecting crush.

Submitted: December 28, 2015

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Submitted: December 05, 2015



It was something I knew had to be done. My arm hurts, chest burns. I awoke early to do it. I hate the mornings, it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I find myself thinking endlessly about it. Today is the day and I will see it through. I wash my face in the sink, only to stare back up at my reflection.

"You are a sick man. You are a angry man. Coward. Coward!
No! I must clear my head. Ha! Must stay level headed,

I grab my head and I try to calm down. I can't let my demons get to me. Today I will do it. Today I will dress in my best shirt and tie, for if I am to be remembered I want to be seen as sharp. The park at 53rd and Wesley has a bridge that she crosses on her way to work. I will do it there, and it will be perfect. She will be surprised, so very surprised. God, I love her. Why can't she see it? She will accept it, and we will be together forever. 

As I approach the bridge, I can see her in the distance. Her hair flows like an autumn wind through the trees. Her face, smooth with every feature perfect. She is a goddess, my goddess. Once I have her I will worship the ground she walks on. Such a masterpiece, a work of art. The park, with its endless chatter of children playing and birds chirping become silent as she moves closer. My heart beats with every footstep...this is it, now or never!

"Ma-Maria. Uh, eh, Hi. Hu-ow are you?" I said nervously. 
"Oh, hi. I am, okay. I can't really talk, I hav-"
"Please, just listen. I-I am in love with you."
I bent down upon my knee, and I produced a small box, which I opened to reveal a diamond ring. 
"Marry me. Be my wife, my goddess. Let me protect you. Hold you."
Her face went from annoyed to shocked. I reach my hand out to touch her, but she thrusts it away.
"We hardly know each other. How can I marry you if I don't even know you?
"I know you. I have watched you for months, studying your beauty from afar. Can I just hold yo-"
"No, this isn't going to work. I need to go."

A empty rage fills inside me, and I couldn't control it any longer. 

"You will marry me! We are in love! We are meant to be together forever!" I yelled. I reached inside my coat and pulled out a pistol and point it at her face. 
"Please, I can't be with you. Just let me go!" she cried. She covers her face with her perfect hands. I bask in their beauty. If I couldn't have her, no once could. I reach my fingers out and touch her cheek. So soft, what a goddess. My goddess. I grab her hair and put the pistol to her forehead. She screams, and I pull the trigger.


She falls to the ground, I reach out but I know I can't save her. She is now in a place where I could have her. Around me children scream, their parents running to cover their little faces and get away. They all glare at me, terrified. Hateful. Tears flow down my face as I look around and then down at her lifeless body. 

"I am coming my love. We will be together, forever."

My lips are dry. My face covered in sweat. I put the pistol to my head, this is it. Joined together by love. By the gun.

"My love, I say to thee:

If I profane with my unworthiest hand
this holy shrine, the gentle sin it is
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand 
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss

I close my eyes and pull the trigger. As I faded away, I was walking towards that same bridge. My love was there waiting for me. She gazed at my eyes, and I reach out my hand to touch. Soft, angelic. We were free now. To love, live, for eternity.

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