Why rats make grate pets.

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As somebody who has four pet rats whom I love very much, I feel that it is important to spread the word about just how grate rats are as pets.

Why Rats  Make Grate Pets.


The question of why rats make good pets is a very interesting question to ask, as  many people,  understandably have  reservations about the idea of  keeping rats as pets. This essay will  discuss why the pre-conceived negative ideas about pet rats are incorrect and discuss how wonderful a rat can be as a companion.

One question that  seems to worry people is the idea of rats being smelly creatures who carry diseases.

With regards to this question, it is important to note that wild rats most certainly would carry a disease of some kind, but this is not true of pet rats. They are in fact extremely clean animals who rather like to keep special areas of their cages specifically for toilet use and use other areas for food and play. While they do not carry diseases that are harmful to humans, rats do all carry respitory infection that can become a concern at times. Rats can also be susceptible to other air born infections but luckily these infections are cheap and easy to treat.

Another concern about keeping rats as pets is the idea of rats being aggressive and unfriendly in nature. While this can be correct of a  poorly socialised rat, this is a rare occurrence as rats  are highly intelligent and sociable creatures  that adore the company of the humans who  care for them. Rats, in many ways, are like small dogs. If they are properly socialised and handled by their human owners, they can be the most loving and affectionate creatures that one could ever keep.  Despite the worries that  many people voice about their temperaments, rats like nothing more than curling up upon the  shoulder or lap of their human and enjoying a good cuddle. The laziest rats will also enjoy sitting on their  human’s lap and staying there for a  few hours while  their owners sit and watch the tv.

Rats on the whole are also incredibly playful creatures who are fun to watch while they explore  their surroundings. Rats are also incredible escape artists and are quick to  explore any new toy or piece of furniture that is placed in their cage. Their inquisitiveness is a treat to watch and their  intelligence makes  them appear even more so.

One important thing to consider about keeping rats as pets is the idea of keeping more than one at a time. Because rats are very social creatures, they do not like being in a cage by themselves unless their human owner is round them all the time. A lonely rat can at times be a very unhappy rat and an unhappy rat is at risk of becoming less easy to handle, though this is not of course true of all rats.  Rats are much happier with one or more companions to share their cage and their life and after all, having more than one rat means more love and  affection.

Rats are also among the least picky of the rodent family. They can and will eat almost anything. Though dairy and sugary products in great amounts  are not very good for a rat’s health, they will eat everything else. They love greenery, meat and pasta is a hit with most rats.

Another question often raised by those who would worry about keeping a rat for a pet is what does the tail feel like. Many people  seem to  understandably have reservations about a rat’s tail, that is smooth and hairless like the skin of a  human or even scaley like the skin  of a snake. A rat’s tail is  like neither of these things. Touching the tail of a rat is rather like touching velvet, soft  and not disgusting at all.

So, to summarise, rats  make brilliant pets for all sorts of reasons. The most important reason for  keeping rats as pets is the  affection they give to the humans who  look after them. Like little dogs, they really do form close bonds with their humans and enjoy cuddles and  companionship. Rats are cheap and easy to look after and like nothing better than  sitting on their human’s lap or shoulder, or performing neat and extremely cute tricks to  please you. One of these tricks can include said rat taking a piece of food in their paws and sitting up and eating with their hands like a human does.

In conclusion, rats are intelligent, sociable,  loving and affectionate and give so much to  their human owners. Of the many different kinds of rodent pets, rats are among the greatest.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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